Office of School & College Counseling

If you have enrolled your child at CVCA, then you no doubt value an opportunity-rich education. Our academic and college counselors aim to maximize your student’s educational experience while at CVCA. Our academic counselors are well-versed in the rigor and expectations of courses in our curriculum, Ohio’s graduation requirements, and the college application and selection process. Your student’s academic counselor is prepared to coach your family toward the best next step for your CVCA student – whether an advanced course, a School of Distinction, or a “best fit” college to enroll in.

How We Can Serve Your Family

At each grade level, students require unique guidance to thrive at CVCA and make positive steps toward their educational and post-high school goals. Your student’s assigned Guidance Counselor is available to coach your student toward the course selections, programs, and resources best suited to the child’s success. 

Mrs. Marosi serves our 6th, 7th and 8th grade families. In her role, she welcomes new students and families, assists as they acclimate to middle school, and continues to support them as they work toward their high school years. She also helps students discern how God is working in their lives and select best-fit classes while creating personalized schedules.

Mr. Tomich focuses on shepherding freshmen toward an understanding of their natural aptitudes for learning, solving problems, and socializing with peers. 

Mr. Kasiguran guides 10th graders toward discovering career/calling paths in which they might thrive. He also helps student weigh course and School of Distinction options that can help them clarify a lifelong professional vision. 

Mrs. Knapp focuses on walking students through the college exploration and selection process. She meets with parents and their student early in their junior year to help them on prepare for the daunting challenge of selecting a “best fit” college. She can help with questions about college costs, school choices, and potential majors and has helpful tips and instructions for families navigating the process. 

Parents of seniors are can have a lot of commencement and college questions. Is my student on track to graduate from high school? Have I done everything possible to give my student a chance at enrolling in their “best fit” college? Should my student apply for more scholarships or take more standardized tests? No worries! Mrs. Fridline, our Director of College Counseling, coaches students toward a smooth transition from CVCA into college and walks alongside them as they complete college applications and finalize preparations for college academics. 

Meet Our Team

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Director of Guidance
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FAQs about CVCA’s Academic Offerings

Each student at CVCA is assigned a grade-level specialist to coach them through course selection at CVCA. If you’re a middle schooler, you’ll direct questions to Mrs. Marosi. If you’re a freshman, you’ll direct your questions to Mr. Tomich. If you’re a sophomore, you’ll direct your course-related questions to Mr. Kasiguran. If you’re a junior, you’ll reach out to Mrs. Knapp. If you’re a senior with questions about what coursework to sign up for in college, you’ll reach out to Mrs. Fridline. 

Generally, we encourage students to take the most challenging courses they can handle, especially since the advanced courses (enriched, honors, Advanced Placement, College Level) come with weighted credit – that is, a “B” in an advanced course is treated like an “A” when factoring the student’s GPA. However, our highest concern is for the student to remain healthy and successful in their academic pursuits. Every course at CVCA is “college preparatory” no matter the weight assigned to it, so there is no wrong learning path. Consider your child’s health and future academic goals when arriving at these decisions, and the school counselors will partner with you. 

Our school course enrollment policy allows students a one week window after the start of any semester to make changes to their class schedule. AP courses can be dropped and replaced with less challenging courses for up to two weeks into a new semester. However, keep in mind that depending on enrollment numbers in each class, certain courses may be unavailable to students when trying to replace a “dropped” class after the semester begins. 

Your Partner in the College Search, Selection, and Application Process

Our college counselors don’t simply help your student select college-preparatory courses. They are trained and dedicated to providing CVCA parents with special insights about which colleges and universities might “fit” your student’s unique potential and interests. They offer:

  • Preparation tools for ACT and SAT tests
  • A helpful timeline for making sure you don’t miss any important deadlines for applying, testing, and securing financial aid for college
  • Lists of potential scholarships your child may qualify for
  • Tools for helping your child choose from among several great colleges that interest him or her

College Placement

What are colleges and universities looking for when they read your application? More than just your GPA and test scores are taken into account. They also consider your goals, accomplishments, character, and personal values. Figuring out how you can best express all of this is where our department comes in to help! Our Director of College Placement is here to guide CVCA juniors and seniors through the often-complicated college application and decision process.

One of the tools we use to help in the college search, selection, and application process is the CVCA College Planning Handbook. Updated each year, the handbook includes tips, timelines, resources, and much more.

FAQs for CVCA’s College Counselors

Once a student reaches high school, he or she can begin considering and even visiting potential colleges. It’s crucial when seriously considering a college to sample campus life. Arrange a visit to a prospective college before you make a decision to enroll in the school. In other words, don’t “blind date” the school you’ll attend and commit tens of thousands of dollars for four years. We generally recommend the student aim for at least one college visit during sophomore year. CVCA juniors and seniors are permitted three out-of-school days per year for college visitations. These days count as field trips, not absences, but college visits in excess of three days are counted as absences. Students must submit all assignments due prior to their departure. Students are also responsible for all lessons and assessments missed while out of class for college visitation. 

CVCA’s College Counseling Office aims to help students find the “best fit” colleges for their needs and interested. Obviously, some colleges represent greater opportunities for students’ future professional prospects, due to the school’s strong reputation and high admissions standards. For CVCA students of high academic standing and testing results, our office will recommend and provide resources for exploring opportunities at such “elite” universities and colleges. However, our ultimate goal is to serve the interests of the families we partner with. We listen well to students and parents, and try to shape a productive path forward for each child based on God’s unique design for that student, as well as his or her family’s unique circumstances. 

Many colleges now offer “test optional” applications. That means a student can simply submit his or her high school grades and schedule of completed coursework with an application to college, in lieu of a standardized test score. However, based on feedback we have received from college admissions representatives, it’s wise for students to release above average ACT scores (especially 22 or above) to their colleges of interest. Many colleges still weigh acceptance priority and award financial scholarships using a rubric that favors strong standardized testing scores. 

Though college admissions offices vary in determining how applicants are accepted, generally strength of schedule will be included in the acceptance rubric for new applicants. That is, most colleges and universities are impressed by a student’s willingness to take honors-level, CCP, and AP classes during high school. 

CVCA’s College Recruiting Coordinator, Nick Thompson, worked in college athletics for several years and offers valuable guidance and insight into the college recruiting process. He is a great resource for student-athletes and their parents and looks forward to helping CVCA students achieve their goal of becoming college athletes. Mr. Thompson can be reached at

More information about the college recruiting process is available HERE.

CVCA Partnerships with Colleges and Universities

1 Lancer Way, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 –

Lancer Direct Admissions – CVCA students with a 3.0 GPA at the end of junior year are directly admitted to Grace College (no application) where they will be provided with an offer that includes a generous financial aid package and guaranteed merit scholarships

255 Grapevine Road, Wenham, Massachusetts 01984 –

  • Gordon College Consortium Scholarship – $1,000/year for CVCA graduates
  • Dual Enrollment Courses – CVCA students receive a discounted rate of $400/4-credit course
  • Gordon’s Heritage Summer Program – CVCA students accepted into the program receive a discount of $200
  • Gordon Summer Programs (Heritage and La Vida) – CVCA students will receive priority consideration

3300 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85017 –

Canyon Christian School Consortium (CCSC) Scholarship – Up to $4,000/year for CVCA graduates

2600 Cleveland Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44709 –

  • Financial Aid Match Grant – Malone will match a CVCA graduate’s financial aid offer (including tuition, fees, room, and board after Federal and State aid is applied) for any four-year public university or private Christian college
  • Dual Enrollment Courses (CL) – CVCA students receive a discounted rate of $42/credit hour if state funding is not awarded. Courses are taken at CVCA and taught by CVCA faculty.

One University Avenue, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055 –

  • CVCA-Messiah Partnership Scholarship – $1,000/year for CVCA graduates
  • CVCA Faculty and Staff – 55% off graduate courses

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