Academic Success

The Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services (OASIS) helps students develop the skills and confidence necessary to achieve at CVCA, in college, and beyond. Our mission is to help Educate and Cultivate students to understand who God created them to be and develop an understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses so they can learn when and how to ask for help during their time at CVCA.

The Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services

OASIS Resources

Based on the unique educational profile of each student, we offer the following resources:

For Academic Success

Middle and high school are crucial years when students develop strong critical thinking and organizational/executive functioning skills. In collaboration with CVCA Guidance Counselors, we help students as they discover their unique strengths and talents, as well as work on areas where they can grow. Some of the opportunities we offer students:

  • Understanding unique learning styles and natural abilities through YouScience which provides feedback for students and families to guide them on maximizing their potential in and out of the classroom
  • Support with executive functioning (organization, time management, study skills, etc.)
  • Middle school guided study hall
  • Freshman Foundations

For Academic Support

Some students may need additional support as they transition to CVCA. We desire to help them through support targeted to their unique needs.

  • Instructional or Homework Support for a Specific Class –  Designated space for drop-in academic support during student study halls (middle school and high school)
  • Personalized CVCA Academic Plan – A basic accommodation plan for students with a diagnosed academic need (requires proper documentation from a medical or psychoeducational specialist)
  • Case Manager and Weekly Check-ins for students with a CVCA Academic Plan
  • Extended Time for Assessments – For both classroom and standardized testing (only with prior approval and appropriate documentation)
  • Daily Academic Intervention (only for students with an IEP/Jon Peterson scholarship)
  • Small Group Testing (only available to Jon Peterson students)

Levels of Support

Based on each student’s unique academic profile, we offer the following levels of support:

MIDDLE SCHOOL – CVCA’s middle school seeks to equip students with the tools necessary to achieve success in our rigorous college-prep high school courses. At this level, all students report to a guided study hall location in the Cafeteria where middle school teachers and staff are available to answer general questions about homework, weekly assignments, and assessments.

Any middle school student may sign out of the guided/collaborative study hall and move to the adjoining supported study hall where they have access to an academic support instructor and/or intervention specialist. Here they can get help with more specific questions on a class lecture or assignment or work on a better system of organization and time management to maximize their learning experience at CVCA. This help is available daily on a first-come, first-served basis.

 HIGH SCHOOL – All students not on academic watch or probation are assigned to Personal Responsibility Time (PRT) study halls. Students who would like additional academic support can sign out of PRT  and go to the round tables in the Middle School Cafeteria. Academic support instructors are available there to answer questions on homework, help students prepare for tests or quizzes, or provide ideas for better organization and time management. This help is available daily on a first-come, first-served basis.

This level of support is available to students who have an active Academic Plan created by CVCA. To establish an Academic Plan, the family must provide CVCA with a current and specific diagnosis from psychoeducational testing or a qualified medical professional. These students may qualify for limited classroom accommodations and will be assigned to an Academic Success Instructor to develop goals and track progress using a student success plan throughout the school year. They will check-in once weekly during their study hall to monitor grades, talk about assignments, or plan for projects or upcoming assessments.

If you have questions about this support or believe your student may qualify for an academic plan, please contact Mrs. Laura Chadima, Director of Academic Success

Students meet daily with an intervention specialist and work on specific learning goals as determined by psychoeducational testing done through the public school system. This requires an additional fee to cover the cost of daily intervention specialist services in a small group setting (Jon Peterson scholarship is used to pay the fee).

 This level is for students who have an active and updated ETR and IEP through their local public school district and are currently receiving the Jon Peterson scholarship through the State of Ohio Department of Education. These students have a scheduled class period for intervention and receive services in a small group setting on a daily basis. For more information on the Jon Peterson scholarship, please visit the Ohio Department of Education website.

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Meet Our Team

Laura Chadima
Director of
Academic Success
Jolene Bodnovich
Middle School
Intervention Specialist
Sue Ellen Gabler
High School Academic
Success Instructor
Katie Heginbotham
High School
Intervention Specialist
Nancy Kautzman
MS Academic Success Instructor
and K-12 Intervention Specialist
Beth Rissmiller
Speech & Language Pathologist
and Academic Success Instructor
Sharon Runyon
High School Academic
Success Instructor


If CVCA offers a rigorous college-prep education and maintains high expectations for all middle school and high school students AND if we have a multi-faceted and thorough admissions process that seeks to identify students who will be able to grow and thrive here, THEN WHY do we offer academic accommodations?

  • We recognize that every student is uniquely designed by God and bears His image.
  • We understand that every student arrives here with unique strengths and weaknesses that will impact their academic success throughout middle and high school.
  • We desire that every student better understand who God created them to be, to know where they have challenges, and be willing to accept help when needed. 
  • We aim to offer students support and structure as they faithfully apply themselves to the assignments and assessments in their classes.
  • We acknowledge that each student is in a unique place with regards to academic and social emotional development, and that growth and development does not look the same for everyone.
  • We aspire to equip students with tools that will provide enough support for them to access the curriculum and demonstrate mastery of the content in each of their classes so that they can progress to graduation, and then ultimately impact the world for Christ.