Middle School Experience

At CVCA, we place a premium value on the middle school years and view them as a trajectory for high school. Our faculty and staff are excited to join with students at this critical stage and engage, encourage, and point them to Christ on their journey. We have a uniquely intentional approach to the particular needs of middle school students and provide a safe environment where they can thrive academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. 


At the start of each school year, CVCA middle school students participate in grade-specific retreats that allow them to meet new friends and teachers while engaging in action-packed activities. Programming varies by grade level, but each retreat includes team-building activities designed to bond their class. Students may participate in games, rope courses, kayaking, rock-climbing, zip lines, swimming, hiking, crafting, and other adventures. 

With scripture as the foundation, students are challenged to grow closer to the Lord and to one another during times of spiritual enrichment that include great music and messages from God’s Word.

Curriculum Overview

Our middle school programming is designed to encourage students’ academic, spiritual, social, and physical growth during these critical years of development and transition. Dedicated middle school educators teach the core subjects of Bible, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies while preparing students for the demands of the college-prep program they will encounter at the high school level. Students also have the opportunity to learn and grow in the areas of World Language, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Technology. 

Jterm/Mterm Experience

The middle school Jterm/Mterm program for grades 6-8 is designed to cultivate spiritual education and personal growth in each student. Each middle school grade participates in a unified experience allowing our youngest students to have a unique and developmentally appropriate time of experiential learning and class bonding. 

Middle School Student Ministries

Our middle school has a dedicated student ministries staff and programming designed specifically for their age groups.

Each week middle school students meet in small Connections groups where they have the chance to deal with life issues by sharing and listening in a community environment. Each group is gender specific, includes 10 to 15 students, and meets weekly with a caring mentor (CVCA faculty/staff member).

Middle School FAQs

We begin accepting applications on October 1 and make admissions decisions as applications become complete based upon the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s academic, attendance, and behavioral record at previous schools
  • Referrals and teacher comments on progress reports and grade cards
  • Standardized test performance over multiple years
  • Student performance on the CVCA Placement Test at or above national averages
  • The quality and honesty of the student’s responses on the student questionnaire
  • The family’s commitment to Christian Education
  • The family’s previous relationship with CVCA (siblings/alumni)
  • The family’s commitment to and involvement in a local evangelical church
  • The family’s commitment to teaching and modeling Biblical choices in the home

Yes. Due to space restrictions there are a limited number of openings for 6th grade. Early application and enrollment is strongly encouraged as we do expect to have a waiting list.

Yes. CVCA’s middle school faculty members are experts in their field, but also relationally focused and biblically minded. Our middle school teaching team is dedicated to our younger students in a classroom structure that is developmentally appropriate. Our Middle School Principal is Mr. Scott Iannetta. (siannetta@cvcaroyals.org)

Yes. Middle school students have their own dedicated space including state-of-the-art science labs, area for academic assistance, and refurbished classroom space devoted exclusively to their academic needs. The middle school also has a separate entrance in a dedicated wing of our building and hallways with closed fire doors separating them from the high school. The middle school has a dedicated lunch period and lunch room.

Yes. Every enrolled CVCA student is issued a Chromebook of their own. We are committed to using technology as a tool to enhance all levels of education.

CVCA’s middle school is developmentally appropriate and educationally innovative, preparing students for the rigors of our college-prep high school. The program is focused specifically on the C7Experience: curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, compassion, and Christ-centeredness.

Yes. We award 20 one-time Presidential Scholarships worth $1,500 each to be applied toward a new student’s first year at CVCA. These are awarded to the top applicants in each admission year. Ten are awarded in January, and ten more in March. All students may also apply for need-based financial aid from CVCA. Financial aid can cover a maximum of 60% of the student’s tuition bill.

OHSAA does not sponsor athletic competition for 6th graders. However, we do offer options for 6th graders within OHSAA regulations which include some inter-school and intra-school play. All middle schoolers have the option to participate in performing arts courses.

Yes. Students may qualify to take high school courses for credit at CVCA while in middle school.

Though it is sometimes advisable for eighth graders to take high school courses at CVCA, please remember that high school courses have higher expectations and academic rigor than middle school courses.

Grades earned in courses for high school credit will appear on a student’s permanent high school transcript, even when taken during middle school. This document is eventually shared with colleges or employers during the application pro-cess.

Cumulative final exams are taken in December and May and are worth 20% of each semester’s final grade. This is an important consideration as exams are new to middle school students, require careful preparation and grades earned appear on your student’s permanent high school transcript as part of their semester grade. Students can achieve A’s and B’s for quarter grades, but a low grade on the exam significantly lowers their semester grade.

It is important to consider the total course load when adding high school courses to an 8th-grade schedule. For example, 3 three courses will have a greater impact, particularly at exam time, than one or two courses.

Middle school students have a distinct pickup and drop off area at the middle school entrance. Bussing information is available HERE. The Akron Metro also has a bus stop at CVCA. Our staff can provide a list of other families from your area to assist you with arranging carpools.

All CVCA middle school students have a designated time for lunch and free time for social and physical activity in the middle of the day.

CVCA middle school students have five core classes daily (Bible, English, Math, Science, Social Studies) and have additional periods with special subjects like band, choir, gym, health, art, and technology.

“The middle school experience at CVCA is life changing. Middle schoolers are developmentally ready to make their faith their own and CVCA’s middle school provides an incredible environment for students to grow spiritually.”
Mr. Churchill