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What makes CVCA unique? As you consider the community you would like to be a part of, we invite you to “Experience CVCA” and see what sets us apart. Hear how CVCA continues to make an impact on our students, parents, faculty, and alumni.

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Mission Moments are about communication and clarity. We currently have over 1,050 students and 700+ families spanning grades 6-12 and residing in eight different counties. This video series is a way to “bring us all together around the table” a few times each month to shine a light on some of the foundational aspects of CVCA while also addressing relevant topics related to our mission of Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ.

Mission Moments 1

Christian Education

Mission Moments 2

Mission Excellence and Size

Mission Moments 3

Our People

Mission Moments 4

Biblical Community

Mission Moments 5

Admissions and Growth

Mission Moments 6


Mission Moments 7

Tuition and a Community of Generosity

“I am super thankful for the CVCA community, for how loving, supportive, and challenging our teachers are. They truly care for us, but still challenge us and push us to do our best, and we can all see and feel it through the way they teach us and the relationships they build with us.”
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