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Scaled Tuition

Moving to a new comprehensive middle school structure in 2018-2019 gave us the opportunity to move to a scaled tuition in hopes of creating an entry point that would allow more families to consider CVCA.

The significant financial sacrifice of a CVCA education is not to be taken lightly, and our hope is that we can become more accessible to families considering Christian education while keeping the highest quality of Christ-honoring excellence. 


Middle School

2019-20 Tuition

6th Grade $7,800
7th Grade $9,000
8th Grade $9,000


High School

2019-20 Tuition

9th Grade $10,600
10th Grade $10,600
11th Grade $11,000
12th Grade $11,000

By decreasing tuition in 7th and 8th grades, we have been able to lower the point of entry for families and can continue to offer the highest quality programming.

The minimal increase for 9th and 10th graders is considerably lower than the typical yearly percentage increase.

The adjusted tuition for 11th and 12th graders is reflective of the greater costs at the upperclassman level, such as a wider number of specialized courses available, an increase in electives, and smaller class sizes taught by faculty with advanced degrees.

In the end, we are reducing the total dollars spent on a student’s time at CVCA.


Tuition FAQs

What is the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan?

CVCA utilizes the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan, which is an automatic cash transfer plan taking payment through checking and savings accounts, as well as credit cards. Contracts for new and returning families should be created during the enrollment process, and become active in June. Upon activation, a one-time financing fee of $65 will be deducted from your account.

Will you send me a bill each month if I’m participating in the FACTS plan?

No. Your bank statement will show the amount withdrawn each month from your account. The contract that you sign at the time of your interview or at re-registration will indicate your monthly payment and the date of withdraw. FACTS will send you an email confirmation of any changes to your contract.

I prefer not to pay tuition through my checking or savings account. It is too difficult to keep records. What can I do?

You can open an account for your student’s tuition and deposit the amount of the tuition to be withdrawn on a monthly or quarterly basis, or you can pay in full by July 15.

What if we must withdraw our student and I have paid in full? Will I get a refund?

If you choose to withdraw after July 1, but prior to the first day of school, you will be responsible to pay one month of tuition. For changes in enrollment status during the year, tuition is pro-rated on a quarterly basis. Students entering or withdrawing from CVCA during a given quarter will be responsible to pay for the full quarter.

Who do I contact with an unanswered question?

Please feel free to email Abby Fishel, Accounting Manager, with any further questions.