EdChoice Scholarships

Need Help Processing Income Verification?

The Ohio Department of Education has implemented a new Scholarship Income Verification System. The system is available for families to enter and submit their income information electronically to the Scholarship office for verification of low-income status. Parents are able to enter household member information, income information and upload supporting income documents directly into the online system.

EdChoice scholarships are provided by state law for students assigned to underperforming public schools and students who qualify due to low income. More information is available HERE. For further help, call Matt Comrie at 330-929-0575, ext. 233 or email him at mcomrie@cvcaroyals.org.

Am I eligible for an EdChoice Scholarship?

There are several ways CVCA families can reduce their tuition bill. To learn more about our CVCA Tuition Assistance and EdChoice, please click below.