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Middle School Jterm


6th Grade Trip

WIntermission is built to give 6th graders a true break from the everyday school schedule and have some fun bonding and learning with their classmates and teachers. Students will engage in activities that promote more growth toward the mission of the school, Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ. Designed to encourage students to finish strong in the second half of the year, WIntermission is a three-day adventure that will challenge the students academically, socially, and spiritually as they begin to look toward the seventh grade.

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7th Grade Trip

PolarBlast is a Jterm experience for CVCA’s seventh graders. This retreat picks up where JumpStart left off and gives seventh graders another great opportunity to bond as a class, deepen friendships, try new things, and develop a closer relationship with God. Cabins are led by godly alumni mentors who are incredible examples to our seventh graders of what it means to live a life of faith and devotion to Christ. Each day is filled with fun activities and unique opportunities like horseback riding and paintball. Each night, students connect with God through chapel and worship, hear from God’s Word, and are prayed for. More than just a fun retreat, PolarBlast is an opportunity to experience spiritual transformation.



8th Grade Trip

Eighth graders travel on a trip of a lifetime where they walk through history as described by God in the Bible. Day One lands them at the Creation Museum where there are over 140 state-of-the-art exhibits portraying the seven C’s of history from a biblical worldview perspective: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Students have an up-close insider’s view of the creation of the universe! Day Two lands them on a life-sized replica of Noah’s ark as described in Genesis, over one and a half football fields in length! A Day Three stop at the National Air Force Museum is a jaw-dropping experience for students as they see the science that God played out in both air and space. This Jterm trip is a memorable experience for eighth graders as the pages of scripture are brought to life, showing overwhelming evidence that supports the biblical account of history.