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The Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services (OASIS) seeks to help students discover their unique learning styles and needs, improve their study or organizational skills, and increase their academic success. OASIS is not intended to serve as formal academic tutoring. The Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services is available to assist students in all grades. Students may be assigned to OASIS based on their academic performance during the prior quarter.

The Purpose and Mission of OASIS is to further CVCA’s vision and mission of Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ by providing a community that trains and mentors while helping students develop the skills and confidence necessary to achieve not only while at CVCA, but in college and beyond.


Our Aim is to:

Equip students with the tools necessary for successful learning in a College-preparatory environment.

Prepare students for success for higher learning.

Launch students into their future as leaders in the workforce, college, church, in their community, and wherever else the Lord might lead them.


Meet the OASIS Team:

Tandy Hicks, Director of OASIS
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 120


Middle School OASIS

Susan Abramson, OASIS Learning Coach/8th Grade Lead Teacher
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 177

Sue Ellen Gabler, OASIS Learning Coach
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 652

Janet Weaver, OASIS Learning Coach
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 177


High School OASIS

Emily KnappOASIS Learning Coach
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 653

Sharon Runyon, OASIS Learning Coach/H-O-P-E Coordinator
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 306


Middle School (Equip)


Success Lab: Students in our middle school program who demonstrate a need for additional help in transitioning into a middle school environment may be assigned to Success Lab during their study hall. Those students will receive guidance in organizational skills, study skills development, test taking strategies, and other tools necessary for success in a college preparatory environment.

H-O-P-E: Students who need homework help may “drop into” our resource room after school on designated days from 2:50–3:45 p.m. For more information, please email Sharon Runyon or call 330-929-0575, ext. 306.

High School (Prepare)


Success Lab is provided for high school students who demonstrate the need for additional support while transitioning to the unique challenges of the college-preparatory high school curriculum and expectations of CVCA. Students will be prescribed an individualized learning plan tailored to the individual student’s needs. Guided by learning coaches, each student will work either one on one or in small groups to develop the skills identified as needing improvement. The need for continued participation in the Success Lab will be based on student academic performance and the evaluation of the learning coaches, parents, and the student themselves.

S-O-S (Study Strategies and Organizational Skills): Students may meet individually with a learning coach for help in the following areas:

  1. Study Skills Development: test preparation, test taking strategies, learning style assessments, note-taking skills, and skills that enhance reading and understanding novels
  2. Executive Function Skills Development: time management skills, space organization, project and homework planning
  3. Specialized Student Services: students who may need more individualized academic attention due to special circumstances:• Medical Issues: concussions, surgeries, emotional and psychological issues
    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • Miscellaneous: Leave of Absences, etc.

*Students wishing to participate in the S-O-S program must set up an appointment with a learning coach before or after school, during lunch time, or during study hall. For more information about the S-O-S program, please email Tandy Hicks, the OASIS Director, or call 330-929-0575, ext. 307.

High School (Launch)


Student Success Workshops: In conjunction with the Learning Commons, OASIS will offer several workshops throughout the year on time management, healthy eating, test taking strategies for college entrance exams, and other subjects that will prove useful in helping students succeed in college.

Naviance: In conjunction with the CVCA Guidance Department, students may receive help with accessing Naviance and utilizing the many college and career readiness tools available to them. For more information, please email Sara Fridline or call 330-929-0575, ext. 308.