You’ll Love It Here

With both extraordinary staff and students, we are just as much a family as we are a school. And with over one million dollars awarded in scholarships and financial aid just last year, we know there is a spot here for you and your family. We love it here and we know you will, too. Come see the CVCA difference!

Take A Walk In Our Shoes

Thinking about an education at CVCA? What better first step than to come take a walk down our halls, meet some of our faculty and staff and get a feel for what our school family is like in person.

So, come spend a day with us and see what it’s like to walk in our shoes. We think once you do, you won’t want to take them off!


Quick Facts About Visits

  • Before Arrival: Visiting boys are asked to wear collared shirts and slacks and to remove earrings. Girls are asked to wear a skirt (length to the knees or longer) or slacks, and modest top. CVCA asks that student visitors not wear jeans during regular school hours.
  • Once You’re Here: Upon arriving at CVCA, stop by our Welcome Center to receive a “Visitor” tag and lunch pass. You will be greeted by a staff member who will introduce you to your student host.
  • Your Student Host: Male visitors will be hosted by male students and female visitors will be hosted by female students. A student hosting a visitor assumes the responsibility of explaining CVCA’s standards and expectations for proper conduct.
  • Safety Notes: For safety reasons, CVCA does not allow any unauthorized meetings with CVCA students in the parking lot or on adjacent school property.
  • Current Students: A CVCA student who wishes to bring a visitor must receive permission from the Academic Office at least 24 hours in advance. The visitor must bring written permission from their parents. A student who is on suspension or probation from another school may not visit CVCA.

The CVCA Middle School Experience

Royal Foundations

Building a foundation that equips students to successfully meet the challenges of middle school and high school.

Promote Academic Excellence

  • Superior Academic Reputation
  • Help Students Meet the Intellectual, Spiritual and Social Challenges of the World
  • More Than 50% of Teaching Staff Possess Master’s Degrees
  • Several Members of the Staff Hold Doctorates
  • Positions Students Most Effectively for Success Heading into High School
  • Access to Full CVCA Facilities
  • Positive Discipleship Programs with High School Role Models

Develop Character Through Relational & Intentional Mentoring

  • Connections Groups With Staff Mentors
  • Connections Groups “Break the Silence” Regarding Issues of Life and Spiritual Formation While Encouraging Discussion
  • Mentoring Program with Upperclassmen, Helping 7th and 8th Grade Students Prepare for High School

Distinctively Christian

  • Commitment to Creating and Sustaining an Environment Where Students Can Grow Spiritually
  • Staff and Faculty Consistently Involved in Spiritual Growth Programs
  • Philosophy That Recognizes God as the Creator of All Things and Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of All Who Acknowledge Him as Lord

JumpStart 7th Grade Retreat

At the start of each new school year, CVCA’s incoming 7th Grade class leaves together for a 3-day adventure at a Christian camp.

The students will leave one day prior to the official first day of school at CVCA at 7:30AM to travel to Seneca Hills Bible Conference Center in Polk, PA. They will return that Wednesday at 4:00PM.

Students have the opportunity to meet new friends and new teachers during these action-packed days. Adventures include kayaking, indoor rock climbing, zip lining, swimming (pool), enjoying an indoor rec-center, hiking, crafting, and many other outdoor adventures and fun.

In the evening, the students are challenged to grow closer to the Lord and to one another during evening chapels and campfire times that will include great music, skits, and messages.

The cost this year is only $100.


Registration is coming soon & must be completed by July 31st

Parent Forms

IMPORTANT: Mandatory Adult Leaders and Mentors Meeting on Tuesday, August 8th (Time: 6-8 p.m.).
  • Parent Leader Application (PDF)
  • Pastoral Recommendation (PDF)

Questions? Contact Jennifer Moore at or at (330) 929-0575 ext. 227

Join The Club!

Even if you’re not yet old enough to attend CVCA, you can still share our fun! The CVCA Junior Royals Club is a program for boys and girls in second through sixth grades which allows you to take part in lots of FREE and FUN activities.

If you’re looking for FREE year-round fun, check out everything the CVCA Junior Royals Club has to offer!


2017-2018 School Year
As part of this FREE program, Junior Royal Club s receive exclusive benefits that include:

  • FREE Junior Royals Club T-Shirt
  • FREE CVCA “All Sports Pass”
  • Exclusive Junior Royals Events
  • Discount for all CVCA Summer Camps

Junior Royals will have access to school-year special events:

CVCA Varsity Football Junior Royals Tent – Friday, August 26th

  • Tent Event at the Varsity Football Game
  • Complimentary Popcorn & Drinks
  • FREE Giveaways
  • Drawing for a FREE Summer Camp

CVCA Boys Varsity Soccer Game – Tuesday, October 4th

  • Stand with the during the national anthem
  • Complimentary hot dog & popcorn
  • Play a game on the turf field at half-time
  • Drawing for the signed honorary “game ball”

CVCA Royal Theatre Fall Play – Friday, November 18th

  • Complimentary candy
  • Meet & greet with cast after production

CVCA Varsity Boys Basketball Game – Friday, January 27th

  • FREE Admission for Junior Royals!
  • Stand with Varsity Team for National Anthem
  • Participate in Foul Shot Contest at Half-Time
  • Wear your Junior Royals T-Shirt!

CVCA Royal Theatre Spring Musical – Wednesday, April 19th (Preview Night)

  • Special preview performance
  • Signed musical play bill
  • Production logo t-shirt

Applying For Admission

Thank you for your interest in an education at CVCA. We love what we do and Who we represent and are excited to share that experience with you.

Below you will find information you will need when applying for admission and during the process.

Application Checklist

  • Complete the entrance exam. Register via the “Entrance Exam” tab located on this page.
    NOTE: You may apply before or after taking the exam.
  • Complete online application here (LINK).
  • Applications for Financial Aid are embedded in the Application for Admission and in the Online Enrollment Packet. You must apply for admission first.
  • Electronic copies of these forms are embedded and automatically emailed to the recipients you indicate. However, if a paper copy of these forms is needed, you may download them here: Complete the Administrator’s, Academic, and Spiritual Leader’s Recommendation, and Transcript Request Forms (PDF).

After your application has been reviewed, we may ask for more information before a family interview is scheduled. Application decisions are sent in writing within two weeks of the interview.

Additional Notes for Home Schooled Students

Recommendation Forms:
  • The parent who is responsible for the majority of the home school instruction may provide the teacher recommendation.
  • If your student receives instruction in any subject or skill from another person, that person may provide the teacher recommendation.
  • Your pastor, youth leader, or Sunday School teacher may provide the character recommendation.
Academic Transcript:
  • Please provide a brief outline of the curriculum you are using for your student this year.
  • If your student attended another school at any time in the past, also provide copies of report cards from those years.
  • Also provide all evidence of standardized testing. This could include Stanford Achievement Tests, IOWA tests, Metropolitan Achievement Tests, etc.

Factors Considered For Admission

  • The family’s commitment to Christian education.
  • The family’s commitment to Biblical living & church attendance.
  • The applicant’s academic and behavioral record at previous schools.
  • The applicant’s desire to attend CVCA and thoroughness in completing the questionnaire.
  • Teacher references and comments on grade cards.
  • The applicant’s scores on standardized tests and entrance exams.
  • Responses to questions during the new student interview.

Registration For Your Entrance Exam

All new students applying for admission will need to take an entrance exam. Assessing ability in verbal and nonverbal skills, this exam ensures a good academic fit for students.

Entrance exams may also be administered in the school office during office hours. There is a $15 fee due the day of the exam.

Exam Dates:
Sat, Dec 3, 9AM • Sat, Feb 25, 9AM • Or by private appointment

Registration for this test is required using the form below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Coordinator, Mindy Fullerton, at (330) 929-0575 x216. The Admissions Office is open from 7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday. If Mrs. Fullerton is unavailable, please leave your name and phone number on her voice mail and she will return your call.


Please complete all fields and click Submit when finished. After submitting your registration, you will receive an email from the Admissions Office informing you of your assigned test time.

It may take up to 10 seconds to fully submit the form. Please do not click “submit” multiple times.

Entrance Exam Information

On exam day, please plan to check in at the main entrance of our building between 8:30 and 8:55 a.m. Your student will need to pay the $15 test fee at that time (check or cash), receive their room assignment, and then make their way down to that room for the exam. Students will be given the OLSAT8, which is similar to an IQ test, so they do not need to “study” for it. Simply come alert and ready to think. The test will begin promptly at 9:00and be complete no later than 10:00. We will also host a brief informational meeting for parents while their students are testing, so please plan to stay for that. Test scores will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the test.

Tips for successful test takers:

  • You will be given a test booklet, a ‘bubble” answer sheet, and a piece of scratch paper. Do not write in the test booklet. Use the scratch paper to solve problems. Be careful to bubble your answers on the correct line on your answer sheet. A #2 pencil is all you need.
  • The OLSAT8 is a timed test. One of the things we are evaluating is how many problems you can solve in a short period of time. Your goal is to answer every problem before time runs out. You will have 40 minutes to solve 72 problems (33 seconds per problem). Time management is important on this test.
  • Students are sometimes coached to “take their time” or “double check their answers” on tests. This is poor advice for this particular test. Instead, read each problem thoroughly, but work as quickly as you can. Mark the problems you aren’t certain of, and go back to double check them AFTER you finish the rest of the test.
  • Don’t get bogged down in the tough problems. If you get stuck on a problem, skip it and come back to it after you finish the rest of the test. Each problem is worth one point. Don’t sacrifice too much time for one point. There may be easier problems that you can solve quickly at the end of the test.
  • There is no penalty for guessing wrong. If you aren’t sure of an answer, but have narrowed it down, go ahead and give it your best guess.
  • Read carefully – don’t skim read. There are lots of little details on this test that are important. The details have a purpose – pay attention to them!
  • Sometimes writing out a number line or an alphabet line will help you visualize the patterns in certain problems. Calculators may not be used.

Student Scholarships, T.R.I.P. & Financial Aid

CVCA has a Financial Aid Program to assist families who otherwise might not be able to afford their tuition payments. In 2015-16, we awarded over $1.3 Million in financial assistance to our students. Financial aid is awarded based on a needs-based evaluation of each applicant’s family financial situation. The maximum award can be up to 58% of tuition. FACTS will process all applications and evaluate a family’s ability to pay tuition. All financial aid application information is held in strict confidence. Financial Aid will not be awarded to students who have not registered for that school year.


CVCA’s mission is Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ. A large part of accomplishing that mission is achieved through assisting families with the financial costs through both need-based and merit-based financial aid. From 2015-2016, over $1.3 Million in financial assistance was awarded to our students.

Scholarship Details

7th – 11th Grade New Student Scholarship Program

  • 100 7th – 11th grade student scholarships
  • Award range from $800 – $1500
  • A maximum of $2500 in total scholarships can be awarded to new students
  • Awarded for one year
  • New Student Scholarship application (PDF)

Presidential Scholarships (ALL NEW STUDENTS)

  • 20 scholarships based on academic testing
  • Scholarship amount: $1,500
  • A maximum of $2500 in total scholarships can be awarded to new students
  • Awarded for one year
  • No additional forms needed

8th Grade Scholarships (CURRENT CVCA 7TH GRADE STUDENTS)

  • 40 scholarships awarded anually
  • Scholarship amount $500 – $1500
  • Awarded for one year
  • No longer available for the 2017-2018 school year

Scholarships (CURRENT 8TH-11th GRADE STUDENTS)

  • Range from $500 to $3000
  • 60 scholarships awarded annually
  • Awarded for one year
  • No longer available for the 2017-2018 school year

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.)

Visit T.R.I.P.’s website here (LINK).

1. How Does T.R.I.P. Reduce My Tuition?

The T.R.I.P. program will purchase bulk quantities of gift certificates from various stores. The certificates are sold to participating families at face value with the discount being passed on to individual accounts in the form of a tuition credit. The families of CVCA will receive 75% of the credit, while the remaining 25% will be retained to cover the cost of the program. Any leftover or undesignated credits will go to the tuition assistance fund at CVCA. If you are participating in TRIP as a prospective CVCA family and do not end up sending your child to CVCA, all of your earned credits will go to the CVCA Student Assistance Fund.

2. How Much Could I Save On My Tuition with T.R.I.P.?




Giant Eagle $200 $6.75
Speedway $100 $3.38
Bob Evans $50 $5.44
Bath & Body Works $20 $1.95
Kohl’s $50 $1.95
Order Total: $420 $19.21


If you placed this order just once a month, you would save:


3. How Do I Start?

Complete a registration form and turn in to the T.R.I.P. box in the Main Office. You will be sent your T.R.I.P. account number with your first order. This number is to be included on all your order forms.

Complete an order form to order your certificates. Enclose a check for the exact amount made out to CVCA TRIP. Your order form must be turned in to the T.R.I.P. box in the Main Office by Wednesday at 8:15AM. All orders are picked up and processed at 10AM Wednesday morning.

Pick up your certificates at the TRIP table in the Main Entry of CVCA from 2:00 – 3:30 pm the next week on Wednesday. You may pick up your certificates yourself, or give permission for your student or another adult to pick them up. For orders not picked up, you may call to schedule an appointment to pick up or wait until the next Wednesday pick up time.

Call all your family and friends and see if they would be willing to use T.R.I.P. certificates for their purchases to further increase your savings potential! T.R.I.P. certificates usually do not expire and can be used by friends and family out of state at the appropriate vendors.

4. How Do I Choose Certificates?

The certificates are cash and cannot be replaced, so be careful! Many merchants will not give back change, so purchase smaller denominations. Debit cards are available from some merchants and are convenient because you can use them until all the change is used.

5. How Will I Actually Receive My Tuition Credit Money?

In November and April, the CVCA Business Office will transfer the balance from your TRIP account to your tuition account.

Please check your T.R.I.P. order carefully before submitting. If you indicate the wrong merchant, we can’t always take the cards back to replace. Also, please add your T.R.I.P. order carefully so that we can order you the cards you need.

6. T.R.I.P. Forms

Downloadable Forms:

  • Information Brochure (PDF)
  • Current Order Form (PDF)
  • Registration Form for Current Families (PDF)
  • Registration Form for Future Families (PDF)
  • T.R.I.P. Policies & Procedures (PDF)
  • T.R.I.P. E-Certificate Intro (PDF)
  • T.R.I.P. E-Certificate Order Form (PDF)
  • T.R.I.P. Schedule (PDF)

7. T.R.I.P. Normal Pickup & Delivery Times

Your orders must be in the T.R.I.P. BOX in the Main Office by 8:15AM on Wednesday morning to be processed that week.

Need Based Financial Aid

  • All new and returning families are eligible to apply for Financial Aid
  • Approximately 35% of all students qualify for approximately $1.3 million in financial aid
  • Average award $3,300
  • Can cover up to 58% of tuition cost

Application For Financial Aid

  • New Students: Applications for Financial Aid are embedded in the Application for Admission and in the Online Enrollment Packet. The application is also available here (LINK). You must apply for admission via the APPLYING FOR ADMISSIONS tab on this page.
  • Current/Re-Enrolling Students: You must re-enroll via the Re-Enrollment Packet found in ParentsWeb in order to apply for Financial Aid each year. The Financial Aid packet is embedded in the Re-Enrollment Packet. The application is also available here (LINK).

For more information on scholarship opportunities, please contact Mindy Fullerton at, or by calling (330) 929-0575 ext. 216.

International Students

For over 20 years we have been bringing students to CVCA from our sister schools around the world: Danielsen Christian School in Bergen, Norway; EIPG: International School Preparing Generations in Atibaia, Brazil; and Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. In most cases students from these schools are juniors who come to CVCA for one year of study.

For the last 10 years we have also had a steady influx of students from around the world who come to CVCA during 9 or 10 grade who stay through graduation. Many matriculate to American colleges and universities.

CVCA As Your American School

  • We offer an I-20 visa, required by the State Department
  • We help you improve your English language skills
  • We allow you to earn a high school diploma
  • We guide you toward top American colleges and universities

All of our international students are hosted by CVCA and local-Christian families, and they are fully integrated into the CVCA community. We offer a limited number of international students admission each year, giving first priority to our sister schools. A few additional enrollment positions may be considered on an individual basis. International students wishing to apply to CVCA should contact Mrs. Mindy Fullerton at; be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Student name and birthdate
  • Parent name, email, and phone number
  • Student country as listed on passport
  • Current school name and email contact
  • Requested grade of entry to CVCA
  • Legal proof of ability to pay tuition and fees, including home-stay stipend

International students are charged fees in addition to tuition. CVCA does not provide financial assistance for international students.

School Profile For International Students


Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy enrolls 800 university-bound students in grades 7-12. The school’s mission is achieved through an advanced curriculum (including 15 AP courses), student ministries, 16 performing arts groups, 25 varsity sports, 23 student organizations, and a dynamic student body.

Curricular enhancements include J-term, four Schools of Distinction (Medical Sciences, Engineering, Business, and Vocational Ministry), weekly Connection Groups, and a new 36,000 square foot building expansion.

The school is within 30 minutes of nearby Cleveland, with access to all the resources the city offers. Local universities provide college courses for high school students, both on campus and online. And CVCA is located on a beautiful 70-acre campus bordering a national park.

Hosting An International Student

Every year we have the opportunity to bring students from a variety of countries to CVCA to live and study for a year or more. To make this a unique experience for these students. we would like you to consider hosting a student for the upcoming year. Below you will find some of the questions that are often asked about the program.

What is the International Student Program – ISP?

The ISP gives qualified international students the opportunity to study at CVCA and exposes local students to other cultures and perspectives. Overall, the program’s goals are to promote cross-cultural learning and a global Kingdom school culture that encourages students to look beyond themselves to what God is doing around the world. The school recruits, screens, trains, and cares for international students who attend the school. These international students live with Christian host families for the academic year. Mrs. Ellen Rasper, International Student Coordinator, gives the students and their host families supervision and support throughout the school year. She is available to answer questions and help resolve difficulties. Mrs. Rasper can be reached at

What is the application process for becoming a host?

Contact Ellen Rasper, ISP Coordinator, at

  • Complete the “Host Application Form” emailed to you. The application requires a statement of faith, and it requests references.
  • Participate in a home visit. A member of CVCA’s ISP will visit with you and your family. This is both an interview and an informational session. The school will conduct a criminal background check on all household members age 18 and older as required by state law.

If we are approved as a host family, what will our responsibilities be?

Host families provide a “home away from home” for international students. You provide supervision and support as well as housing, meals, and transportation. International students and their parents are expected to cover school tuition and fees (including a home-stay fee) and personal expenses such as money for recreational activities and trips. All host parents must be Christian believers and be committed to setting a godly example and investing in the spiritual development of the international student placed in their home.

Is there any financial support for hosting families?

Yes. Host families receive a home-stay stipend to cover many of the expenses associated with hosting a student. Mrs. Rasper can explain how payment is handled. Often, host families may choose to incur expenses that are not completely covered by the home-stay stipend, so families should be prepared for this possibility.

Will we be able to choose which International student stays with us?

Once you have been initially screened as a host family, Mrs. Rasper will give you some information about the students that are enrolled for the upcoming school year. She will recommend students that appear to be a good fit with your family, and you can share your preferences. You will always have the option to decline hosting if there are no students you would like to host.

What should we consider as we think about applying to host an International student?

  • Prayer: What is God saying about the possibility of your hosting an international student?
  • Interest: Are you interested in learning about another culture and country? Are you interested in providing a home to a high-school student? Are all of your family members interested?
  • Adaptability: Are you willing to adapt to someone living in your home who will be culturally different? Are you willing to learn and grow? Are you willing to help an international student learn by taking time to explain differences?
  • Logistics: Will you have enough time to invest in another child in your home? Will you be able to provide reasonable transportation for activities? Do you have a place in your home where another child would have space to study and sleep?
  • Finances: Will your family be able to handle the additional financial expense of adding a student to your household?
  • Current Family Situations: Are there situations in your family right now that would make it difficult for you to host well, such as the recent death of a loved one, serious health problems, or relational issues?

Will our International student be able to speak English?

Yes. Your student will have enough English ability to have been accepted to the school. Students’ language ability will vary, but all students should be conversational in English—meaning that they can get by in most conversational settings—but they will not necessarily be fluent. Students will have studied English in school but may not have ever been immersed in the language. Therefore, host families will need to be patient and to give students helpful advice and informal instruction.

When will our International student arrive and leave?

Your student will arrive 2 to 3 days before the first day of school or orientation and depart within 5 days of the last day of school. Once you have been matched with a specific student, Mrs. Rasper will let you know that student’s arrival date.

What resources will the ISP provide for host families?

The ISP will supply each host family with a host family handbook to help you prepare for your student’s arrival. It will address issues that may arise during the program, and it will give you some practical tips for the whole journey from beginning to end. Mrs. Rasper will also give you specific information about your student, and he will be available throughout the school year to answer questions and help you work through any difficulties that might arise. In addition, Mr Steve Kasiguran provides academic guidance to you and your international student.

STEP: Short Term Exchange Program

In addition to our ISP, CVCA offers STEP: Short Term Exchange Program. STEP brings in students from our sister schools in Norway and Brazil for a two week cultural visit during early October. Then during the time of our J-Term program, CVCA students visit our guests in their home countries. CVCA families interested in hosting a STEP student should contact Mrs. Ellen Rasper at

ISP Contacts

ISP Admissions & Hosting: Mrs. Ellen Rasper at
ISP Student Ministries Faculty: Mr. Steve Hyatt
ISP Guidance Counselor: Mr. Steve Kasiguran at

STEP Contacts

Mrs. Ellen Rasper at
Mr. Steve Kasiguran at


The total cost of a year of tuition at CVCA is $10,250. A student may combine multiple types of financial aid to help reduce this cost.

CVCA utilized the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan, which is an automatic cash transfer plan taking payment through checking and savings accounts, as well as credit cards. Contracts for new and returning families should be created during the enrollment process, and become active in June. Upon activation, a one-time financing fee of $65 will be deducted from your account. If financial aid or scholarships are awarded your contract will be adjusted to reflect those awards and you will receive a notice prior to your first payment. For families who select a payment plan (as opposed to paying in full) FACTS Payment plans include Peace of Mind Insurance.

Payment Plans

Parents may choose from the following options:
  • Full payment of tuition by July 15th with a 1% discount. Payment must be made through FACTS
  • A four-payment option. With this option, 25% is due July 20th, 25% is due October 20th, 25% due January 20th and the remaining 25% is due April 20th through FACTS tuition payment plan.
  • A ten-payment option (July-April) through FACTS due on the 5th, 15th or 20th of each month.
  • A twelve-payment option (July-June) through FACTS

Late Enrollments & Withdrawals

If you choose to withdraw after July 1st, but prior to the first day of school, you will be responsible to pay one month of tuition (As part of our new school policy). For changes in enrollment status during the year, tuition is pro-rated on a quarterly basis. Those students entering or withdrawing from CVCA during a given quarter will be responsible to pay for the full quarter.


Will you send me a bill each month if I’m participating in the FACTS plan?

No. Your bank statement will show the amount withdrawn each month from your
account. The contract that you sign at the time of your interview or at re-registration
time will indicate your monthly payment and the date of withdraw. FACTS will send you an email confirmation of any changes to your contract.

I prefer not to pay tuition through my checking or savings account. It is
too difficult to keep records. What can I do?

You can open an account for your student’s tuition, deposit the amount of the tuition to
be withdrawn on a monthly or quarterly basis, or you can pay in full by July 15th.

What if we must withdraw our student, and I have paid in full? Will I get a

Yes. Your tuition is pro-rated on a quarterly basis. You will be charged a full quarter for
any portion of the quarter that your student attends CVCA. The balance will be

When and how do I apply for financial aid?

As soon as your student has re-registered or applied for the upcoming school year, and
the registration or application fee is paid, you should apply online for Financial Aid by
March 31.

How is my financial aid taken off my balance?

Financial Aid is awarded before your first payment. The Finance Office informs
FACTS Management of the amount of the decrease, and a new balance and monthly
payment are generated. You will receive a letter stating your new balance and your
new monthly payment.

How much aid will I receive if I apply?

The amount of aid depends primarily on financial need. Other factors such as student
activities, academic progress, volunteer involvement, and the number of children
attending Christian schools are also considered. The maximum award is up to 60% of
total tuition.

Do I have to apply for aid every year?

Yes! Circumstances may change during a school year, so we must obtain new
information each year to make a decision.

I am a pastor. Do I have to apply for financial aid?

Yes. The same procedures apply to pastors. All financial aid is based on need.

What other kinds of aid are available?

Additional financial assistance may come from your church or someone interested in
Christian Education. We are not responsible to solicit these funds; you must inquire about such help. Also, tuition can be reduced by participating in our TRIP program.

Who do I contact with an unanswered question?

Please feel free to call or email Mrs. Abby Fishel, Accounting Manager, with any further
questions: -or- (330) 929-0575 ext. 233.