Christ Honoring Excellence

The writer of Proverbs teaches us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” This is the foundation by which CVCA is built and the basis for how we interact in a world filled with intellectual, spiritual and social challenges.


CVCA is a state chartered, college preparatory school. Our commitment to Christian education is meant to inspire excellence which starts with our faculty, over half of whom hold master’s degrees in their field, several holding doctorates.

Guidance Office

Every high school student at CVCA has his or her own guidance counselor. If you have a general question for the guidance office, or if the student stops in with a general question and the assigned counselor is not available, one of the other counselors will certainly step in and take the question.

Periodically, each counselor will check the academic progress of the students in his or her group. We will work with you during the school year to help students get the academic support that they need.

Meet Our Guidance Staff:

Mrs. Regina Pykare (7th Grade), Lead Teacher/Guidance -or- (330) 929-0575 x141

Mrs. Susan Abramson (8th Grade), Lead Teacher/Guidance -or- (330) 929-0575 x244

Mrs. Maureen Plum (9th Grade), Guidance Counselor -or- (330) 920-8204 Option 4

Mr. Steve Kasiguran (10th Grade), Intl. Students, Guidance Counselor -or- (330) 920-8204 Option 3

Mr. Randy Tomich (11th Grade), Director Of Guidance -or- (330) 920-8204 Option 2

Mrs. Sara Fridline, Director Of College Placement -or- (330) 920-8204 Option 5


2017-2018 Course Offerings & Descriptions

    • Middle School Course Offerings & Descriptions (PDF)
    • High School Course Offerings & Descriptions (PDF)
    • Grading Scale (PDF)

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Class of 2014 and beyond must have earned 24 high school credits as outlined below to be eligible for graduation from CVCA. Students must have also passed the Proficiency Test required by state law.

Diploma Diploma With Honors1
Bible 2 4 Credits 4 Credits
English 4 Credits 4 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits 4 Credits3
Science4 3 Credits 4 Credits1
Social Studies5 3 Credits 4 Credits1
World Languages 2 Credits6 3 or 4 Credits1,7
Fine Arts 1 Credit 1 Credit
Physical Education 1/2 Credit or 2 PE Waivers (PDF) 1/2 Credit or 2 PE Waivers (PDF)
Health 1/2 Credit 1/2 Credit
Debate 1/2 Credit 1/2 Credit
Computer Apps OR Typing Proficiency / Computer Concepts8 1/2 Credit or 0 Credit 1/2 Credit or 0 Credit
Electives Variable Variable
Total Minimum Required 24 Credits9 24 Credits9
GPA 3.501
ACT/SAT 27 ACT or 1210 SAT1

1The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) requires students to fulfill at least four out of five of these criteria for the
Diploma with Honors.

2One half credit of Bible per semester enrollment is required.

3Year 4 must be Statistics, Pre-Calculus, or one of the AP math courses.

4A biology and chemistry course is required. A physics course is additionally required for a Diploma with Honors.

5Global Studies (1 credit), American History (1 credit), Government (½ credit), and Economics (½ credit) are required.

6Two credits in the same language.

7Three credits in one language or two credits in two languages.

8Computer Applications (½ credit) is a graduation requirement for students graduating from CVCA through the class of 2019. Students in the class of 2020 and beyond must either successfully complete Computer Concepts or demonstrate minimum typing fluency of 40 words per minute or greater using correct typing form.

9In order to meet ODE guidelines, at least 20 of the 24 required credits must be in non‐Bible and non‐SOM courses.

NOTE: For a complete detailed description of all binding requirements, please see the Student Handbook or contact the Guidance Office. Details listed here are not binding and are for reference only.

Diploma With Honors

Students may receive an Ohio Diploma with Honors by meeting CVCA graduation requirements and additional requirements established by the Ohio State Board of Education.

This chart (PDF) outlines the criteria for the Diploma with Honors.

Please contact the Guidance Office for additional information.

Avenues Toward College Credit

More information coming soon!

    • Avenues Toward College Credit at CVCA (PDF)

ACT & SAT Tests

Current dates and deadlines for both the SAT and ACT tests can be found here (TBA).

Additional information and registration materials for the SAT may be obtained by calling our Guidance Office at (330) 920-8204 or at the SAT website (LINK). For the ACT, choose either of two test options; the ACT Assessment or the ACT Assessment Plus Writing (which includes a 30 minute writing test). Not all colleges and universities require a writing test. Check with the colleges you are considering or go to (LINK) for a list of institutions that require or recommend the writing test.

We recommend that students take each test once in their junior year and then retake the one they feel most comfortable with a second time. Juniors may want to wait until the spring semester to take the SAT so that they can use the results from the PSAT as a study guide.

Register Online
Register Online for the ACT (LINK)
Register Online for the SAT (LINK)
When students register, use the CVCA school code 361771. By doing so, CVCA will receive a copy of the results and can add this information to the student’s record to send to colleges.

College Career Tools

Occupational Outlook Website (LINK)

The nation′s premier source for career information covers hundreds of occupations and describes “What They Do”, “Work Environment”, “How to Become One”, “Pay” and more. Each profile also includes BLS employment projections for the 2010–20 decade.

Making the Right Match Booklet (PDF)

A guide for college selection & planning prepared by CVCA Guidance Office.

College and Financial Aid Websites

CVCA’s CEEB Code: 361771

General Information College Board – SAT Testing ( (LINK)
ACT Testing ( (LINK)
FAFSA Tutorial in 7 Easy Steps (LINK)
Christian College Information ( (LINK)
Ohio College Information ( (LINK)
Schools that use Common Application ( (LINK)
Princeton Review ( (LINK)
Peterson’s Guide ( (LINK)
Education Planner ( (LINK)

Scholarships Financial Aid FastWeb ( (LINK)
SRN Express ( (LINK)
College Board ( (LINK)
Wired Scholar ( (LINK)
Scholarship America ( (LINK)
Financial Aid Information – ( (LINK)
Information on 529 College Savings Plan ( (LINK)
U.S. Dept. of Education ( (LINK)
Ohio Department of Education ( (LINK)
Sallie Mae ( (LINK)

PSAT & ACT Explore Testing

TBA: All sophomores and juniors will be taking the PSAT. This is a practice SAT (college entrance test) that we give to all 10th and 11th graders each year. All eighth graders and freshmen will take the ACT Explore. This is a grade-level appropriate practice test for the ACT (college entrance test). Explore helps students choose courses that prepare them for college. All students in grades 8-11 will be testing that morning. Results will be available to parents by the end of the first semester.

Seniors will be off campus for their senior class picture. Seniors do not report to school on this day.

Seventh graders will have a special program on Conflict Resolution during the testing hours.

7-11 grades will be dismissed for the day at 11:30AM.

College Placement

What are colleges looking for when they read your application? More than just your GPA and test scores are taken into account. Your character also matters to a college. They consider your:

  • Goals
  • Accomplishments
  • Personal values

Figuring out how you can best express all of this is where our department comes in to help!

Mission of the Office of College Placement:

  • Each CVCA student is God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10).
  • To teach each CVCA student to be a good steward of the gifts, abilities, and talents that God has entrusted to them.
  • To help students pursue God-given gifts, dreams, and abilities at a college that is the “right fit.”

Director of College Placement:

Mrs. Sara Fridline
(330) 929-0575 ext. 308

College Fairs

There are many upcoming college fairs in our area. College fairs are a unique opportunity to talk with representatives from many schools in one location. Check one out! Actually, check them all out!

Listings Coming Soon!

College Financial Aid & Scholarships

Local Scholarship List

Check the Scholarship List here (LINK).

CVCA’s CEEB Code: 361771

Helpful Resources

Powerpoint Slides from College Financial Aid Night (PPT)
7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA (LINK)
FAFSA website (LINK)
College Goal Sunday (Help on filling out the FAFSA) (LINK)

College Financial Aid Meeting for parents of Seniors
(Parents of Juniors also welcome)

After the applications are sent in, the next step is financial aid. We are hosting our annual meeting about college financial aid in January in the Anne Tell Chapel. The main focus of the meeting will be on filing the FAFSA form that most colleges require in order to put together financial aid packages for your students. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The FAFSA is an online form to be filled out no sooner than January 1st but please plan to complete the FAFSA as soon after January 1st as possible to maximize your eligibility. Estimates can also be processed. Some institutions require the FAFSA to be completed by a certain deadline to be considered for institutional scholarships. Please check these dates with the schools your student is applying to.

The first step in filing the FAFSA is for the parent and the student to get a PIN (Person Identification Number). When you fill out the FAFSA online, you will have to sign it “electronically” and you can only do so after you are assigned a PIN.Set a goal of registering for a PIN before January 1st as it will speed up the FAFSA process.

Register for your PIN here: (LINK)

Parents of Juniors: You will not need to fill out the FAFSA until next year. However, you may attend this meeting if you would like some advance education on the financial aid process.

Other helpful websites on this topic are:

  • A helpful estimator (LINK)
  • A comprehensive financial aid website (LINK)
  • U.S. Department of Education Student Aid (LINK)
  • Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (LINK)
  • Apply and get a PIN at this site (LINK)

Applying to Colleges/Naviance

Naviance is a computer program used by many high schools and colleges to assist with college and career research and the college application process. Students and parents will find this program to be very helpful for these purposes. CVCA will use Naviance as a tool to send application materials to colleges (including transcripts and recommendation letters) and to track where our students are applying.

Login to your Naviance Account on a regular basis!

Log into Naviance: (LINK)

School Postal Code: 44224
Email: CVCA Email Address
Password: Password you chose when registering
If you do not have a registration code, please contact Mrs. Fridline.

Directions for Using Naviance to Apply to Colleges (Coming Soon)
Directions for Requesting a Transcript (Coming Soon)
Directions for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation (Coming Soon)
Letter to Parents about Naviance (Coming Soon)

ACT & SAT Tests, PSAT, & Test Prep Opportunities

Test dates and registration dates for ACT and SAT

View them here (PDF)

ACT and SAT links to register and to order scores

Register for and to order ACT scores (LINK)

Register for and to order SAT scores (LINK)

CVCA Test Prep Classes

View here (PDF)

Test Prep Opportunities

View here (LINK)



PSAT/NMSQT – 10th and 11th grades. This is a practice SAT (college entrance test). Juniors’ scores will be entered into the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Click here for more information about the PSAT/NMSQT.

PSAT 8/9 – 8th and 9th grades. This is a grade-level appropriate practice test for the SAT. Click here for more information about the PSAT 8/9.

All students in grades 8-11 will be testing on the morning of TBA. Results will be available to parents by the end of first semester.

Seniors will be off campus for their senior class picture. Seniors do not report to school on this day.

7th graders will have a special program during testing hours.

7-11 grades will be dismissed for the day at 11:30 AM.

Senior & Junior Year Checklists

Download the Junior Year check list (PDF)

Download the Senior Year check list (PDF)


The Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services (OASIS) seeks to help students discover their unique learning styles and needs, improve in their study or organizational skills, and increase their academic success. OASIS is not intended to serve as formal academic tutoring. The Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services is available to assist students in all grades. Students may be assigned to OASIS based on their academic performance during the prior quarter.

Purpose and Mission of OASIS is to further the vision and mission of CVCA of educating and cultivating servants for Christ by providing a community that trains and mentors while helping the students develop the skills and confidence necessary to achieve not only while at CVCA, but in college and beyond.

Our Aim is to:

Equip students with the tools necessary for successful learning in a College Preparatory Environment.
Prepare students for success for higher learning.
Launch students into their future as leaders in the workforce, college, church, in their community, and wherever else the Lord might lead them.

Meet the OASIS Team

Mrs. Tandy Hicks, Director of OASIS or (330) 929-0575 x307

Middle School OASIS

Susan Abramson, OASIS Learning Coach/8th Grade Lead Teacher or (330) 929-0575 x177

Sue Ellen Gabler, OASIS Learning Coach or (330) 929-0575 x111

High school OASIS

Nancy Miller, OASIS Learning Coach/Scram Coordinator or (330) 929-0575 x309

Sharon Runyon, OASIS Learning Coach/H-O-P-E Coordinator or (330) 929-0575 x306

Middle School (Equip)


Success Lab:  Students in our middle school program who demonstrate a need for additional help in transitioning into a middle school environment may be assigned to Success Lab during their study hall.  Those students will receive guidance in organizational skills, study skills development, organizational skills development, test taking strategies, and other tools necessary for success in a College Preparatory Environment.  

H-O-P-E:  Students who need homework help may “drop into” our resource room after school on designated days from 2:50-3:45pm.   For More information please contact Sharon Runyon at (330) 929-0575 ext.306.

Senior High (Prepare and Launch)


Success Lab is provided for high school students who demonstrate the need for additional support while transitioning to the unique challenges of the college preparatory high school curriculum and expectations of CVCA.  Students will be prescribed an individualized learning plan tailored to the individual student’s need.  Guided by the learning coaches, each student will work ,either one on one, or in small groups to develop the skills that were identified as needing improvement.  The need for continued participation in the Success Lab will be based off of student academic performance and the evaluation of the learning coaches, parents, and the student themselves.

S-O-S (Study Strategies  and Organizational Skills):  Students may meet individually with a learning coach  for help in the following areas:

  1. Study Skills Development:  test preparation, test taking strategies, learning style assessments, note-taking skills, and skills that enhance reading and understanding novels.
  2. Executive Function Skills Development:  time management skills, space organization, project and homework planning.
  3. Specialized Student Services:  students who may  need more individualized academic attention due to special circumstances in learning:
    • Medical Issues:  concussions, surgeries, emotional and psychological issues
    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • Misc.: Leave of Absences, etc.

* Students wishing to participate in the S-O-S program must set up an appointment with a learning coach before or after school, during lunch time, or during study hall.  Parents contact the OASIS Director, Mrs. Tandy Hicks at  (330) 929-0575 ext. 307 or at for more information about the S-O-S program .


Student Success Workshops:  In conjunction with the Learning Commons, OASIS will put on several workshops throughout the year on time management, healthy eating, test taking strategies for college entrance exams, and other subjects that will prove useful in helping students succeed in college.

Naviance: In conjunction with the CVCA Guidance Department, students may receive help with accessing Naviance and utilizing the many college and career readiness tools available to them.  For more information please contact Sara Fridline at (330) 929-0575 ext. 308 or at .

Online Learning

CVCA students wishing to use online learning for credit recovery and elective courses are encouraged to investigate the course offerings from Sevenstar Direct (LINK), a provider of online classes from a distinctly Christian worldview. Sevenstar is an optional, parent-paid program; it does not replace CVCA’s course offerings. CVCA’s guidance counselors can help you or your student with course selections.

Schools Of Distinction

Schools of Distinction provide an innovative opportunity for CVCA students. It is a two year curriculum designed for JUNIORS & SENIORS to expose our students to professional fields and potential majors. This program is in addition to the CVCA’s already rigorous college prep curriculum.

The Mission Of All Schools Of Distinction: “To expose our students to professional fields through…

  • Curricular enhancements (extra classes in a specific field)
  • Mentoring relationships (monthly meetings with a Christian in a specific field)
  • Experiential learning (internships, shadowing, competitions, guest lecturers, projects, etc.)

…providing insight into His calling in their lives.”


Schools of Distinction Application (PDF)

School of Business & Entrepreneurship

School of Engineering

School of Medical Professions

School of Ministry

Contact Information

The schools have limited space and require an application and interview process. This process begins by contacting the Chair of each school to receive an application. You must be accepted into the School of Distinction before scheduling classes in February. Contact any School of Distinction chairperson for more information.

Eric Ling, School Of Business & Entrepreneurship (330) 929-0575 ext. 105

Doug Fairchild, School Of Engineering (330) 929-0575 ext. 120

Rick Lyons, School Of Medical Professions (330) 929-0575 ext. 127

Rick Thompson, School Of Ministry (330) 929-0575 ext. 610

Pay Annual Fee

Pay the annual Schools Of Distinction Fee below.

Student Name


Jterm (January Term) is an innovative curricular enhancement that began in 2011. Students have the unique opportunity to take non-traditional courses on campus, dig deeper into areas of study within the greater CVCA area, or literally travel around the world through a variety of educational and mission trips. In addition, juniors and seniors have the rare opportunity to experience firsthand a profession – Career Experience Opportunities – before deciding on a college or major.

Enhancing The CVCA Experience

  • Energizing students through in-depth studies.
  • Experiencing interdisciplinary learning.
  • Expanding learning beyond the classroom.
  • Exploring career possibilities and His calling.
  • Extending time that encourages deeper, more intense faculty-student relations.
  • Through it all, Jterm encourages students and faculty to make connections by offering small class sizes, extended time together, and opportunities to learn and live outside our comfort zones. It reminds us that learning is a lifelong activity and an enduring gift from the Lord.

Jterm Courses

On-Campus Course Offerings (PDF)

Jterm Trips

Will this be your time to travel to Norway or Brazil as part of our exchange program? Learn of literary giants in London or the glory that was Rome and Greece? Hike the Grand Canyon or explore Hawaii’s volcanoes? Strengthen your relationship with the Lord through photography in Savannah or by serving young Dominicans?

2018 Jterm Trips

Jterm 2018 Trips Info


  • Best of Ireland (with Joshua Expeditions*)
  • Chinese Culture and Service in Beijing (with Joshua Expeditions*)
  • El Salvador – Love & Hope Children’s Home
  • Shya Design Meets Arise Rwanda (Full)
  • Brazil – EIPG
  • Dominican Republic – Doulos Ministry and Culture Exchange
  • Norway – Danielsen School


  • Grand Canyon (Full)
  • Puerto Rico Science Adventure (with Joshua Expeditions*) (Full)
  • Simple Life – Amish Country Tour
  • Southern Christian College Tour
  • Urban Hope Ministry – Philadelphia

* Joshua Expeditions provides global opportunities for youth that serve to encourage and highlight their gifts through hands-on experiences. Joshua Expeditions is a non-profit Christian organization founded for the purpose of assisting schools and churches in bringing the world to young people and bringing the Gospel to the world. Joshua Expeditions has been providing purpose-filled educational travel for over a decade to groups from all over the country. By design, every Joshua Expeditions tour includes ministry opportunities which add value and perspective to each experience.

ATHLETIC TEAM TRIPS:The following are scheduled for a Jterm experience.

  • Girls Basketball
  • Wrestling

Current team members and students planning to try out for these teams should not plan to register for international or domestic Jterm trips. More information will follow for these team trips – registration and payment will take place in the fall.

For more information regarding the Athletic Department Jterm policy, please see the “Jterm Athletic Policy” section on the last page of the Athletic Handbook.


  • Tuition and fees must be current at the time of application and until trip departure in order for students to participate on Jterm trips
  • Administrative approval
  • Students considering international trips must have a passport valid through July 2018
  • A copy of your passport is required with registration for international trips
  • Attend pre-trip meetings as scheduled

Jterm Registration & Payment

  • Deposit of $175 and registration form (with passport if applicable) due on or before Monday, 5/1/17.
  • All deposits are non-refundable unless CVCA cancels the trip.
  • Return registration form with deposit, by check, made payable to: CVCA, memo Jterm
Joshua Expeditions Payment Schedule

Initial deposit of $175 made to CVCA for the following:

  • Best of Ireland
  • Chinese Culture and Service in Beijing
  • Puerto Rico Science Adventure

Instructions will be provided mid-May for online registration with Joshua Expeditions. All trip
payments are made online directly to Joshua Expeditions between June1-November 1, 2017 (in four
equal payments) according to the Joshua Expedition payment schedule.

CVCA Trip Payment Schedule
  • All deposits and payments are non-refundable unless CVCA cancels the trip
  • Payment #1 – due by 9/15/17
  • Payment #2 – Final payment due 11/1/17
Students and parents will be notified by May 15, 2017 regarding the status of all trips.

CEO Experiential Learning

Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) provide an ideal time for students to observe and learn about a profession by shadowing a host in the local community. This is a chance for students to dive into the working world while considering future educational and vocational choices.

2017 CEO

Tuesday – Friday, January 3-6, 2017 & Monday, January 9, 2017

Application Process

Any student interested in CEO needs to fill out the Application Form (LINK). Students are responsible for the completion of all paperwork. After submitting the Application Form, the application will be reviewed by Mr. Nickerson and the Administrative Committee. If the application is approved the student will need to turn in a CEO Parent Approval and CEO Host Approval Contract, which will be available to them on the CEO Google Classroom following approval. (Students DO NOT need to have a host prior to application, but must realize they will be responsible to secure a potential host upon acceptance into the CEO program.)


Accepted students will shadow a “host” professional during Jterm. The student (and student’s family) is ultimately responsible for finding a Christian host in the desired field. We suggest you contact relatives, friends, and church s to see if they would be able to connect you with a possible host. That host must be approved by CVCA during the fall semester prior to the Career Experience Opportunity


Applications accepted now through September 18, 2016.


Career Experience Opportunities are a professional yet flexible approach to careers. Accepted students and their hosts should arrange for the most optimum times for “shadowing”; office hours, meetings, or professional development seminars are just a starting point. Minimum time requirement is 30 hours with the host; travel time and lunch are not included in this. Some hosts might prefer daily attendance of approximately 6 hours, while others might suggest a more flexible arrangement.

Students are required to keep a CEO Log in which they note their hours and activities; the log requires the host’s signature. The CEO office will check this log after Jterm, so it should be kept current. In addition, students are required to participate in the CEO Google Classroom in which they discuss their experiences with other students and with Mr. Nickerson. The CEO Google Classroom is an online, secure, closed discussion board. Only students enrolled in our CEO program will participate in the short, daily discussions.

The culminating requirement is a two- to three-page (2-3) typed reflection paper about the CEO. Details are included in the CEO Student Requirements section.


Students are responsible for their own transportation to hosting sites.


There is no cost for Career Experience Opportunities.


A CEO is worth one (1) Jterm credit; like all Jterm activities, it is evaluated on a pass/fail basis.


Contact Mr. Nickerson by emailing or Mrs. Staker by emailing

Jterm For Middle School

Students in grades 7 and 8 DO NOT need to register for the Middle School Experience; they are automatically enrolled. Mr. Churchill and Mrs. Hoffman will send information packets home in December.


January 3rd-5th, 2017

Winter Blast is the Grade 7 overnight retreat. Throughout our time together, we will be using sports fields for group games and such, but the more important part of the retreat will occur during our daily chapels. Students will also have the opportunity to share with one another during Connections time. Students will be mentored by CVCA faculty and staff, along with CVCA alumni college students who are serving as chaperones. As you can see, our days will jam-packed, but we are excited to spend it having fun and learning more about God and each other through messages and our worship times.


Downloadable Forms

Forms coming soon!

Created For Freedom

Created for Freedom is a learning experience and expedition for 8 graders from January 3th through 6th where students will learn about the scientific approach to a biblical worldview of Creation.

  • On campus activities related to Creation and team building on January 3rd
  • Retreat to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky January 4th-6th

The retreat includes visits to the Creation Museum, the new life-size Ark Encounter and the Airforce Museum as well as fun team building activities and inspiring chapel/worship sessions. Chaperones include several CVCA faculty along with college-age alumni.

$75 online payment for 8th Grade J-term due by November 18th

To pay by check, submit payment and/or additional donations in an envelope labeled “8th grade J-term” with the student’s name to Mr. Samsonas’ classroom by November 18th.

Student’s Name

Additional online 8th grade J-term donation to help defray costs.

Downloadable Forms

8th Grade Packing List & Info (COMING SOON)
Medical Release Form (PDF)
Check-In Medical Form (PDF)


These will be sent around 9PM via ParentsWeb email on the last three nights of the trip.

Contact Information

Winter Blast (7th Grade):
Created for Freedom (8th Grade):
Mr. Emery Nickerson (
Jennifer Moore (
Eileen Hoffman (

Jterm For Senior High


Students are required to earn one (1) Jterm credit each year of high school enrollment for a total of four (4) credits. Approved Career Experience Opportunities earn one credit. Half-day courses earn one-half credit; therefore, completing both a morning and afternoon class will earn a student a full Jterm credit. Full-day courses earn one credit. CVCA-sponsored trips and retreats also earn one credit.

Morning Course
Afternoon Course
All-Day Course
CVCA Trip or Retreat
1 Credit
1/2 Credit
1/2 Credit
1 Credit
1 Credit

Students may not enroll in the same course more than once during their time at CVCA.

Because we believe Jterm is a chance for students to explore new ways of learning, all Jterm courses are pass/fail. If a student does not earn credit for a Jterm course, he or she will be required to enroll in a CVCA “special Jterm” summer school course in order to complete the graduation requirement. THIS IS A CVCA GRADUATION REQUIREMENT.


The Jterm school day for a high school student is divided into two sessions and one course is taken per session. The morning session is 8:00-11:00am. Lunch, held on campus, is 11:00-11:50am; regular cafeteria items will be available. The afternoon session is 11:50am-2:50pm. All-day sessions from 8:00am-2:50pm are also available. The longer class periods make it possible to offer courses that ordinarily could not be held in a traditional class time.Students need to check course descriptions carefully to be familiar with individual class expectations, as some vary from the hours listed here.


Students should understand that all school rules remain in force during Jterm. Students must be in good academic and behavioral standing to participate in any off-campus Jterm events.


All students are required to attend each day of Jterm. Due to the intense nature of the Jterm curriculum, even one day of absence would lead to a student missing a major portion of the course content and activities. As always, we ask that you do not schedule any outside activities that conflict with the school day at CVCA. Attendance will be taken; students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to learn. Some courses have guest speakers or field trips, and these events cannot wait for tardy students. Student absences must be called in to the attendance secretary at extension 218. Students who are unable to attend Jterm for the entire period will NOT earn credit, and they will need to earn that credit during summer school. Please plan accordingly.


“Friday Dress” spirit wear is appropriate for all on-campus courses. Off-campus courses, trips, and retreats may, of course, require or permit other apparel; please see the “Advisory” for each course. Students representing CVCA through Career Experience Opportunities should dress in the profession’s business attire; please ask your host about appearance standards.

Jterm Athletic Policy

We realize Jterm may cause conflicts with winter athletes and thus we have established policies for each of our winter athletic s. The specifics of each policy vary in each sport due to the differences in the type of sport, league affiliation and scheduled contracts, and /or practice demands and expectations.

It is the intention of the department for all s to have a TWO-YEAR ROTATION: one year having normal practice time while their student athletes sign up for classes and/or CEOs during Jterm . . . the next year providing a special “-specific” experience that would include out-of-town travel and more. This gives students the opportunity to have a special “-specific” experience with their mates and to receive the benefits of the many opportunities afforded by Jterm throughout their CVCA careers.


Boys’ Varsity and JV Basketball (Jay Peters)

Because of the level of commitment that is expected in these programs, students will be required to choose their athletic program’s Jterm experience. On the years where there isn’t a trip scheduled for Jterm, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in the classes provided by the school while having practice at the end of the afternoon session of Jterm (3:00). However, this does not include trips away from school (London, Germany, Chicago, etc.) that would prohibit them from attending practices. Arrangements can be made to accommodate students to miss practice at the discretion of the coach.

Student-athletes in the above sports can take classes and CEOs but cannot go on Jterm trips that aren’t sport specific. Choosing to go on an extended outside trip would not allow you to be a of the for that year.


The swimming program would prefer that their athletes not go on a trip during the season. Leaving for a trip would cause the athlete to miss practices and competitions. However, if an athlete is extremely passionate about a trip, they should contact the coach well in advance to try and work something out.

Girls’ Varsity/JV Basketball

Because of the level of commitment that is expected in these programs, students will be expected to choose their athletic program’s Jterm experience. As a of the Girls’ Varsity or JV Basketball s, if an athlete misses practices or games during tterm, that action may adversely affect that athlete’s participation in future contests.
Student-athletes may go on Jterm trips that are not sport specific, but doing so may affect your status on the .

Hockey and Wrestling (Doug Fairchild & Dave Bergen)

Although it is the desire of these s to have all their s participate with their s during Jterm, the s of these s may participate in any of the Jterm activities provided they communicate with their coach prior to the Jterm. If they are going on a trip that would have them away for an extended time, coaches should be informed by the beginning of the school year.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons has been a great addition to our CVCA community this past year and has given students a space to take a break from the stress and busyness of school. Students have space to work in groups and have the opportunity to attend events throughout the week to extend their learning outside the classroom. The Learning Commons has a space for students to play and record music and always has activities going on to engage students with a variety of interests.

Summer School

CVCA offers a limited course list of summer school subjects.

Summer school session dates: July 10-28, 2017

Cost: $325 (registrations made on or before 5/25/17 – $300)
A minimum student enrollment is required to ensure classes will be scheduled.


Download the high school summer school offerings and registration form here (PDF).

Course Offerings

All course offerings dependent on sufficient student enrollment.
Morning sessions: 8 a.m.-Noon

  • Speech and Debate
  • Success Strategies for Academic Writing

Afternoon Sessions: 12:15-4:15 p.m.

  • Computer Applications
  • Health

Student Attire

Students may wear CVCA uniform shorts, Bermuda style shorts, cargo shorts or Capri pants. No jeans or shorts other than those listed. Students may wear our CVCA Student Appearance slacks or skirts.

  • Golf style polo shirts, CVCA spirit wear t-shirts. No camisole shirts or tank tops.

Because of the accelerated nature of summer school, absences for reasons other than illness are not permitted.

Early registration discount applies to all registrations received by 5/25/17.
Please note that withdrawal of registration will be refunded less 30% of the course fee.

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