Back to Top Volunteer Policy - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

The law (HB 190) does not mandate that volunteers undergo a background check. This decision is left to the individual school. Our policy is as follows:

  1. Volunteers who have regular, ongoing contact with students will be BCI fingerprinted (drama, volunteering, office, etc.).
  2. Volunteer chaperones who will have extended contact with students via a single event (Ignition, JumpStart, Pittsburgh Project, Diakanos trip, DR/Haiti trip, Founder’s Week trip, etc.) will be BCI fingerprinted.
  3. Any volunteers or chaperones (including parents) who are attending a field trip must be BCI fingerprinted on an annual basis.
  4. Volunteer chaperones at Homecoming and Junior/Senior do not need to be fingerprinted.
  5. Volunteers must complete background checks through CVCA rather than produce previous background records.
  6. Fingerprinting and background checks must have been completed and results received prior to any volunteer’s interaction with students.

The administration reserves the right to require any volunteer/chaperone to undergo a background check prior to their involvement at CVCA.