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Volunteer Policy

The law (HB 190) does not mandate that volunteers undergo a background check. This decision is left to the individual school. Our policy is as follows:
Volunteers who have regular, ongoing contact with students will be BCI fingerprinted (drama volunteering, office, etc.).
Volunteer chaperones who will have extended contact with students via a single event (JumpStart, Pittsburgh Project, Diakanos trip, Haiti/DR, Founder’s Week Trip, etc.) will be BCI fingerprinted.
Any volunteers or chapersones (including parents) who are attending field trips must be BCI fingerprinted.
Volunteer chaperones at Homecoming, Jr/Sr., etc. do not need to be fingerprinted.
Volunteers/Chaperones will be reprinted every five years.
Any volunteers or chaperones (including Parents) who are attending must be BCI fingerprinted.
The administration reserves the right to require any volunteer/chaperone to undergo a background check prior to their involvement at CVCA.