Social Media Policy

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy welcomes participation on our  Facebook page and encourages you to interact with us often and to comment about the content you find here.

Terms of Use on CVCA Facebook page:

  • Users shall not post anything that does not align with CVCA’s mission, vision, and Biblical principles and expectations
  • Users shall not post anything on this page that could be deemed offensive, defamatory, inappropriate, harmful or obscene
  • Users shall not post hate speech (i.e. speech that targets people or groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other protected status)
  • Users shall not post as part of conducting, furthering, or encouraging illegal activity
  • Users shall not post advertisements or solicitation of funds
  • Users shall not post off-topic or repetitive posts
  • Users shall not post personal information including but not limited to e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, or identification numbers
  • Users shall not post anything that interferes with or distracts from the educational programming of CVCA

CVCA administrators may make posts private or block users who violate these terms of use, in the discretion of CVCA. Should a post contain information that is part of a pending CVCA investigation, administrators will hide the post from public view and forward the post to be reviewed as part of the investigation.

CVCA requests that users remain respectful. CVCA administrators may be reached at 330-929-0575 if you have questions regarding this policy. We value all of the members of our community and our door is open to you.