Learning & Discovery Beyond the Classroom

With over fifty offerings to choose from, this two-week program of in-depth study takes place immediately after Christmas break, between the first and second semesters. Jterm promotes learning and discovery beyond the traditional courses. Our mission is to increase opportunities of learning and exploration that not only challenge the students in areas of their interest, but encourage deeper faculty-student relationships through enrichment electives, educational travel, service, mission trips, and career experience opportunities.

Jterm Trips

Will this be your time to travel to Norway or Brazil as part of our exchange program? Learn of literary giants in London or the glory that was Rome and Greece? Hike the Grand Canyon or explore Hawaii’s volcanoes? More >>

CEO Experiential Learning

Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) provide a time for students to observe and learn about a profession by shadowing a host in the local community. Students can dive into the working world while considering future educational and vocational choices.


Winter Blast

A jam-packed three day retreat for seventh graders that takes place at Camp Carl. Students will have a chance to grow spiritually, deepen friendships, try new things, and make incredible memories, expanding on the themes which began on JumpStart at the beginning of the year. More >>



Prepare to Believe

Eighth graders will be taken on a trip of a lifetime where they will walk through history as described by God in the Bible. Students will visit the Creation Museum, a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark as described in Genesis, and stop at the National Air Force Museum on the way home. More >>