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The Fine Arts Department offers many opportunities for students to be involved in music, theater, art, and forensics. CVCA’s 16 performing arts groups include six vocal choirs, four bands, three hand bell choirs, and two orchestras. The Visual Arts Department includes opportunities in eight different classes for students interested in both 2D and 3D mediums, ranged in level from beginner to advanced. CVCA’s Royal Theatre produces one major play and one major musical every year involving both middle school and senior high students. The Forensics Team competes in 12 categories in speech and debate tournaments, competing at the state and national level.

Fine Arts News:

Fine Arts News:

The Royal Theatre presents Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun – April 21, 22 & 28, 2017 at 7pm and April 29, 2017 at 2pm | Tickets got on sale Monday, April 3, 2017 | ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is presented through special arrangement with R & H Theatricals:

Royal Theatre

The Royal Theatre is committed to the purpose of “developing artistic excellence for the Glory of God and the benefit of others.” The theatre offers students an opportunity for hands-on involvement in every aspect of the Theatrical Arts. Using two full length productions each school year as the platform for learning, students are instructed in acting, sound and lighting design, set construction, costuming and more! Cast opportunities for middle school students are increased every other year when a JH one-act play is added to the performance line-up.

Current Season

2016-2017 Royal Theatre Season

Spring Musical – Annie Get Your Gun

In the spring, the Fine Arts department is pleased to announce that they will be bringing the loved musical, Annie Get Your Gun, to the stage. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is presented through special arrangement with R & H Theatricals:

April 21st, 2017 at 7PM
April 22nd, 2017 at 7PM
April 28th, 2017 at 7PM
April 29th, 2017 at 2PM

Tickets are on sale at

On-line sales will end at noon on Friday for the April 28th performance, and at 2:00 on Friday for the April 29th performance.  If the show is not sold out, tickets will be available at the door.  Call 330-929-0575 x.280 for up-to-date information about ticket availability.

Fall Play – You Can’t Take It With You

November 18 and 19, 2016 at 7:00

The Vanderhof family is a collection of cheerful and erratic, yet lovable incompetents. Grandpa Martin Vanderhof, the salty and philosophical patriarch of this wacky family has made his peace with the world, if not the Internal Revenue Service, long ago. His daughter, Penelope Sycamore is a cheerful (though unpublished) playwright, and her husband, Paul, happily manufactures fireworks in the cellar. The third generation consists additional colorful characters, and Alice, a Wall Street secretary who is seemingly the only normal character in the household.

Into this whirlwind of activity comes Tony Kirby, Alice’s boyfriend, the son of her boss, and the epitome of normality and success in the business world. The Kirbys disturbed that their son could love such a family, but he insists that he still wants to marry Alice. Everything, eventually, is brought back to the important center by Grandpa, as he talks to Mr. Kirby and to Tony about what is really important and teaches everyone some vital lessons about life.

Past Shows

Mary Poppins

In the words of Mary Poppins, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and SNAP! The job’s a game.” As the students and staff of the Royal Theatre worked together to prepare this colossal Disney production, part of the process was learning the importance of doing our work for the Lord. Stopping on occasion to read a Psalm and apply it to our “job,” we sought to live according to God’s Word, please Him with our efforts, and yes, have some fun!

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood/The Pied Piper of Hamelin

This combination of humorous fairy tales revealed the dramatic talents of CVCA students of all ages. The Pied Piper gave 7-9th graders a chance to stretch themselves to project both humor and poignancy – a difficult task for this age group! In The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, students created a host of unique characters that were entertaining and engaging from start to finish.

Pirates of Penzance

The Royal Theatre took on a challenging project with their production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. The production is outrageous, out-sized, over-the-top and just our right silly; yet, it addresses the topic of duty. Though delivered with humor, the production can beg the question, “am I taking my duty to Christ seriously, or am I just a “Poor Wandering One?”

Father Of The Bride

This is a play about an All-American family. A play with simple truths that can never be dated. The most important truth is the honesty of these characters in that they love each other in the ways real families do…flaws and all!


It became clear that plenty of work had been going on for many months with the theatre students and staff as they prepared to bring this recent Disney movie to the stage at CVCA. Enormous wall-projections and beautiful lighting effects complimented the outrageous set design, engulfing each audience member in the jungle landscape, and immediately engaging the crowd in this tropical adventure. Positive attitudes, boundless energy, and remarkable talent describe this group of 35 students representing grades seven through twelve. A close look at the storyline reveals questions about the most basic issues of life; love, family and identity. In many ways, Tarzan’s search for these three things mirrors our own. But unlike Tarzan’s answers, we find our true love, family and identity in the hope that we have in Christ.

Fiddler On The Roof

The cast, crew, pit and staff of the Royal Theatre are to be congratulated on their excellent delivery of this beautiful, heartfelt musical production. While this show is about Russian Jews over a hundred years ago, its message spans both time and geography. We must not miss the fact that Tevye’s wisdom comes from his conversations with God. For us, it comes from the Word of God!

Arsenic & Old Lace

Audiences Picked Their Poison with Royal Theatre’s production of Arsenic & Old Lace

The Royal Theatre presented the comedy thriller Arsenic & Old Lace across three wonderful evenings of side-splitting hilarity. Audiences thrilled at the high-energy performances and fast-paced antics of the cast. The play tells the story of the sweet Brewster sisters, played by Ava Moss and senior Rachel Criswell, as they fill their cellar with bodies of religiously acceptable roomers. Their nephew Mortimer (Scott Lentz) discovers what they’ve done and immediately tries to stop them from continuing this “bad habit.” But before he can set things straight, he must deal with his two brothers: the escaped criminal Jonathan (Jordan Wear) and the certifiable Teddy (senior Jake Sziraky), who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt. The perfectly timed comedy was balanced with clever references to classic horror actor Boris Karloff, most famous for his portrayal of Frankenstein. Congratulations to the cast and crew for their excellent work on this show! We look forward to watching many young actors continue to grow in this program, and are so proud of those seniors who have made a lasting impression through their work in the theatre here at CVCA!


The Royal Theatre closed their 2011-12 season with Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. The show was a tremendous success, delighting audiences both young and old. The show featured many strong performances, including Will Daniel as Lionel the steward, Sydney Redmon and Rachel Criswell as the Stepsisters, and Clara King as Cinderella. These along with many other wonderful performers made the humorous musical come to life. Additionally, the wild hair and costuming, the colorful scenery, and the magical special effects made for a very special evening of theatre.

Director Denita King challenged the cast and crew to create a world of cartoonish proportions, and it was a joy to see the students and staff working together to develop this bright and boisterous production.

The Diary Of Anne Frank

The Royal Theatre proudly presented The Diary of Anne Frank as this year’s fall play. The drama depicts two years in the lives of two Jewish families who go into hiding during the Nazi occupation of Holland prior to World War II. The narrative is told from the perspective of Anne, a teenage girl who shares her innermost thoughts with only her private diary. The story, at times funny, sad, and touching, depicts the refugees’ struggles, but also celebrates their optimism in the face of tragedy. Anne wrote, “I want to go on living even after my death!” Through this powerful coming-of-age tale, her greatest wish is truly achieved.

My Fair Lady

The story of Henry Higgins’ wager that he can transform flower girl Eliza Dolittle into a high society lady, included familiar show tunes Wouldn’t it be Loverly, I Could Have Danced All Night, and Get Me to the Church on Time.

12 Angry Jurors

The cast of 12 Angry Jurors took a break from rehearsing on campus and visited the Stow Municipal Courthouse where they toured the facility and experienced first-hand the judicial process. The court administrator, a bailiff, and even Judge Lisa Coates met with the cast to provide background as they prepare the post-courtroom drama for performance. The tour included viewing the arraignment of a traffic violation as well as walking the path of prospective jurors as they report for duty. After the tour, all 13 cast s, two directors, a stage manager, and the producer packed into the jury deliberation room for a rehearsal. “I threw out the rehearsed staging and just had the ensemble search for natural reasons for the things they say and do in the show,” said director Brandon Davies. This experience was beneficial both educationally as well as artistically. We are grateful to the staff of the courthouse for their generosity toward us.”

Based on the classic film 12 Angry Men, this contemporary update includes roles for both men and women. The play follows the jury of murder case through the entire process of deciding whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. Each juror brings a unique perspective to the proceedings and as tempers rise, the debate intensifies, and the men and women become twelve angry jurors.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Department includes opportunities and classes for students interested in both 2D and 3D mediums and graphic design, ranging in level from beginner to advanced.

2D & 3D Art

Art I- Foundational Art (Grades 9, 10, 11 or 12)

This course is a survey course that serves as an introduction to the Arts course sequence. The main objective of this course is to give students a general working knowledge and foundational skills in the elements and principles of art and design. An emphasis will be placed on observational drawing, perspective, color theory and design. Additional areas to be covered may include portrait and figure drawing, calligraphy and optical illusion. Students will be required complete some outside classwork and keep a sketchbook. Supplies required.

Art II- Drawing & Painting (Grades 10, 11 or 12)

Art II is a course that builds on the foundation acquired from Art I and is the next course in the Art sequence. A strong emphasis on observational drawing and an understanding of color theory will be stressed. Creative problem solving and development of concepts will be emphasized. A wide variety of media and techniques will be explored in this course. Student will begin to complete projects that can be used in a college entrance portfolio. Students will be required complete some outside classwork and keep a sketchbook. Supplies required. Art I is a prerequisite.

Art III- Advanced Art/Portfolio (Grades 11 or 12)

The primary focus of this course is the development of projects for entry into a portfolio for a university or art college entrance. Students who are serious about pursuing a career in an art related field should be enrolled in Art III. A wide variety of media and techniques will be explored in this course. Students will be completing projects both in and out of the classroom. Skills and techniques learned in both Art I and Art II will be utilized with an emphasis on the integration of concept and creative problem solving. The 4th quarter of this course is an independent study. Students will be required to propose an area of study that they are interested in exploring and fine tuning. Upon agreement with the teacher, students will work independently to complete projects. It may be necessary for students to purchase some or all supplies needed for independent studies. Students will be required complete some outside classwork and keep a sketchbook. Supplies required. Art II is a prerequisite.

Art IV- Independent Study (Grade 12)

This course is designed for the serious art student and exists for exploration in an area of keen interest and to further develop the college entrance portfolio. Students will be required complete some outside classwork and keep a sketchbook. Supplies required. Art III is a prerequisite.

3D Art – Ceramics & Sculpture (Grades 9, 10, 11 or 12)

3D Art-Ceramics & Sculpture is a survey course that aims to provide students the opportunity to explore the three dimensional side of Art. Students will participate in a wide range of experiences using additive or subtractive sculptural techniques designed to build artistic and creative confidence. Media includes, but is not limited to glass mosaic, hand building as well as creating forms on the potter’s wheel, polymer clay, and wire. A strong emphasis will be placed on craftsmanship, design and form. Students may be required to purchase some materials.

3D Art – Fiber Arts & Textiles (Grades 9, 10, 11 or 12)

3D Art – Fiber Arts & Textiles is a survey course that aims to provide students the opportunity to explore several different techniques with fiber, batik and fabric dying, sewing and other fiber related projects. A strong emphasis will be placed on craftsmanship and design. Students may be required to purchase some materials.

Jr. High Art (Grade 8)

This course introduces students to basic art and design fundamentals, and is a place to create fun and enjoyable art projects. The course introduces basic art elements and principles used in two and three dimensional design. Students focus on learning basic drawing and three dimensional techniques through a variety of projects.

Graphic Art & Yearbook


Graphic Design I

1 Credit – Yearlong
Prerequisite: Application and instructor approval required

Students will learn four principles of design and explore typography and color while incorporating hands-on, as well as computer software technology. Students explore the history of graphic design and how it has evolved. Students will participate in the Annual Portfolio show held each May.

Graphic Design II

1/2 Credit – First Semester
Prerequisite: Graphic Design I

Students will further their knowledge and skills of basic design principles and typography while producing more advanced projects. Students explore multi-page, package design and corporate identity.Time will be spent producing and submitting portfolios for college admission and participate in the Annual Portfolio Show in May.


1 Credit – Yearlong<br/ >Grade 10, 11 or 12

Yearbook/Journalism is a yearlong course in which students learn the rules of professional journalism as they pertain to design and writing techniques. They also become familiar with the Macintosh computer and In-Design software. They learn the necessity of meeting deadlines and maintaining a budget while planning and producing the yearbook. All staff s are responsible for selling ads and may be asked to attend a summer workshop/planning session. Teacher and/or guidance referral is mandatory. Students who participate will also be required to perform duties outside of the classroom. These duties would include photographing at student events and athletics. Yearbook students are eligible to participate in national design and photography competitions.

CVCA Graphic Art students have the opportunities to exhibit their work in an annual spring Portfolio Show. In addition, all CVCA high school students may enter the Jostens National Photography Contest.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Marian Stofsick -or- call (330) 929-0575 x129.

Video Media

Video Media 1: Grade 9-12 (Elective, Semester, ½ Credit)

This is a semester long course and the initial media class that introduces students to video editing and camera operations. Each student is introduced to video editing software and various support software from the Adobe CS6 Master Suite. Basic camera operations and techniques are also added to give a student a complete view of producing video projects. Projects begin by learning the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 editing workflow. Next, the student is introduced to basic camera operations and techniques and how it applies to editing. Storyboarding, narrating and basic audio fundamentals are also added so the student has a good foundation in video media techniques.

Video Media 2: Grade 9-12 (Elective, Semester, ½ Credit)

The second in the series, Video Media 2 is also a semester course. In this module, students are introduced to the more advanced editing techniques such as “green screen”, masking and keyframing. They also learn DVD authoring and formats for the web. Building on the foundation of camera techniques learned in Video Media 1, the students also learns lighting for “green screen”, interviews and various video scenes. Advanced video projects such as documentaries, TV commercials and other common video media styles are introduced utilizing many of their new editing techniques.

Video Media 3: Grade 10-12 (Elective, Annual, 1 Credit)

The culminating class in the series is a yearlong course allowing students to explore video media in today’s multi-platform environment. Students create projects for the “Video Yearbook” DVD, a quarterly “TV” style video magazine shown throughout the schools informational monitors and the CVCA website. Along with these projects, each student continues to explore their own creative ideas and is offered extensive opportunities to produce a wide range of media projects for the school organizations, student ministries and various non-profits organizations. A new offering to this class is exploring more advanced cinematic techniques with HDSLR cameras. For interested students, this course can be repeated.

Marching Royals & Concert Bands

The CVCA Band Department has four bands to progressively advance students’ ability and performing experience.

The Marching Band performs throughout the fall at football games and area band shows. This group is open to all high school bands.

After marching season ends, the group moves inside as the Symphonic Band. This group performs several concerts throughout the year both at CVCA and area elementary schools, missions and retirement communities. The group also goes on tour every other year.

Seventh and eighth grade students perform in the Concert Band. This group performs several concerts throughout the year at CVCA and occasionally plays at area elementary schools.

Our final group is the Beginning Band. This group is open to students in all grades interested in learning to play a band instrument. This band teaches the students basic fundamentals on an instrument with the goal of moving students to the other bands when the basic skills are met.

The CVCA Band Department is under the direction of Mr. Scott Isaacs and Mr. Ben Weber. Either of these directors would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the band program.


Handbells have a long and proud tradition at CVCA. We currently offer 3 handbell choirs that meet during the school day. Students are challenged at every level to reach their full musical potential while focusing on using music as an act of worship. The groups are under the direction of Mr. Scott Isaacs.

Handbell Groups

Beginning Ringers

The Beginning Ringers is open to students in grades 7 and 8. Students must be proficient in reading music in both bass and treble clefs. Auditions are not required to enroll, but may be required during the first week of school to determine group placement or due to a lack of available openings. Because of the popularity of the handbell program, available openings may be limited. This group performs several times during the school year.

Intermediate Ringers

The Intermediate Ringers is open to students generally in grades 9 and 10. An audition or director approval is required. Open positions are generally filled from students with experience in the Beginning Ringers group. Because of the popularity of the handbell program, available openings may be limited. This group performs several times during the school year.

Royal Ringers

The Royal Ringers is the premier handbell performing group at CVCA. The group of twelve players perform many times throughout the school year. The Royal Ringers travel and perform on a major concert tour every two years. They have been featured locally on the Fox 8 morning show “Kickin’ It With Kenny”, and have performed in cities such as New York and Toronto. The group is open to students in grades 11 and 12. An audition or director recommendation is required. Positions are generally filled from students with experience in the Intermediate Ringers group.

Handbell Schedule

Schedule Coming Soon!


“Music is one of the fairest and most glorious gifts of God, to which Satan is a bitter enemy, for it removes from the heart the weight of sorrow, and the fascination of evil thoughts.” ~ Martin Luther

Orchestra is involved in a lot of different activities. In recent years, the orchestra has been involved with the STEP Norway Program. In the first few months of one school year, the orchestra went to Harry London’s Chocolate Factory, a corn maze, Cedar Point, and the Cleveland Zoo with the Norwegian exchange students. They have also gone to the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame, Hale Farm and Village, IMAX, and Tower City. Last year, the CVCA Orchestra sent a group of students to Bergen, Norway for two weeks to play concerts at amazing places and learn wonderful things about the Norwegian culture. Many of the s snow skied in the Norwegian mountains, and still hold amazing memories of the ferry trip on the beautiful fjords.

The orchestra also plays for CVCA’s graduation ceremony, which requires going to the graduation dress rehearsal. Every few years, the ensemble goes to VCA to play with and recruit the orchestra students there. In 2009, they had the chance to hear the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra play together at Severance Hall where 2008 CVCA graduate Ryan Fox was featured as viola soloist with the Cleveland Orchestra.

Orchestra is a great way to spend the beginning of a day. The opportunity to travel and play a variety of pieces is appealing to many. If you are looking for another way to get your Fine Arts credits, take a good look into the CVCA Orchestra.

Vocal Music

The Choral Department at CVCA is proud to offer five choirs during the day to students in grades 7-12 and one extra-curricular Show Choir. We currently have over 210 different students participating in the vocal department.

Choir Tours & Events

2016 Nashville

In the beginning of March, Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, and Royal Ringers had the amazing opportunity to visit Nashville, Tennessee. We spent three days exploring different sights and experiencing the history of the music capital. Some of the exciting things we got to do included touring Sound Check Studios, a rehearsal studio where everybody from small town bands to Dierks Bentley have practiced. We also got to tour the Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry, which were truly unique and fun experiences. We learned a lot about the history that made Nashville the musical city it is today.

Aside from the fun, the trip was also a mission opportunity. We went to two homeless missions-the first was a men’s mission and the second was Belmont homeless mission- and performed there. Singing for these people was an awesome opportunity for us. It was easy to see God working in the missions as we sang and served the people. Despite being homeless, the people had so much joy and were extremely appreciative of us being there. They were a good example to us what true joy is- the hope of Christ in us. Many of the mission people knew the songs, humming along with us while we performed. Those who did not know the songs were still reached. A few people had no desire to hear the music and message we had to share, but by the end of the performance they were wanting to know more. A few students had the chance to sit down with a man at Belmont and talk to him about Christ. Before we started, he did not want to listen, but by the end of our time there, he was crying and praying with the students who took the time to talk to him. It was a very special moment. The work of God was clearly evident. Nashville tour was an amazing trip for me and the other students who went. It was so much fun getting to experience some true history of Nashville, as well as having fun learning to line dance and performing at different locations. The trip was a great time of fun and ministry, and I’m grateful for the experience.

2014 Fall Worship Choir Concert

On Thursday October 9th, 2014 five of CVCA’s six choir’s held their annual Fall Worship Choir Concert. The concert featured selections from all styles of music, Christian Contemporary, Sacred Choral, Latin Chorale and some pop selections focusing on the theme of “Connecting with Christ and Others”.

Many students shared testimony and scripture in between songs presented by the The Royal Vision Show Choir, Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir, Gospel Choir and Chamber Singers.

“The students sang their very best and God was glorified through their efforts.” Mrs. Moore

Download the Concert Program (PDF)

2014: New York City

Members from The Royal Ringers, Chamber Singers and Concert Choir groups recently traveled to New York City on tour.While there they performed for the Nishuane Fine Arts School in Montclair New Jersey and the Morgan Stanley Presbyterian Children’s Hospital.They toured Times Square, The Empire State Building and the 911 Memorial and ate at some super fun restaurants like Bubba Gumps, Hard Rock Café, Ellen’s Stardust Diner, John’s Pizzaria and Carlos’ Bakers from TLC’s show “The Cake Boss” They also saw the Broadway shows “Newsies” and “Wicked”. They took a Broadway class with performers from Wicked and learned a lot about life as a Broadway performer and also met many of the leads from the shows.Here are some favorite quotes about the trip:

“I liked the city feel and the little shops everywhere”. Charissa Ricker

“Something I learned on this trip was that even when you see a huge city (like at the top of the Empire State Building) it is still super small compared to the world our God created for us.” Katelynn Justice

“The 911 Memorial was very emotional for everyone.” Jared Wills

“The street food was great and I loved the business of the city”. Caleb Lichty

“I learned and saw firsthand how much the world needs bright lights for Christ everywhere.” Yukari Becker

Fine Arts Staff