High School Academics

Schools Of Distinction

Schools of Distinction provide an innovative opportunity for CVCA students. It is a two-year curriculum designed for junior and seniors to expose our students to expose our students to professional fields through curricular enhancements, mentoring relationships and experiential learning. Fill out the form below to pay the $275 School of Distinction Fee. Apply >>

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School of Business & Entrepreneurship

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School of Engineering

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School of Medical Professions

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School of Ministry

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Online Learning

CVCA students wishing to use online learning for credit recovery and elective courses are encouraged to investigate the course offerings from Sevenstar Direct (LINK), a provider of online classes from a distinctly Christian worldview. Sevenstar is an optional, parent-paid program; it does not replace CVCA’s course offerings. CVCA’s guidance counselors can help you or your student with course selections.

Financial Assistance
Student/Teacher Ratio
Awarded College Scholarships

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Class of 2014 and beyond must have earned 24 high school credits as outlined below to be eligible for graduation from CVCA. Students must have also passed the Proficiency Test required by state law.

Diploma Diploma With Honors
Bible 4 Credits 4 Credits
English 4 Credits 4 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits 4 Credits
Science 3 Credits 4 Credits
Social Studies 3 Credits 4 Credits
World Languages 2 Credits 3 or 4 Credits
Fine Arts 1 Credit 1 Credit
Physical Education 1/2 Credit or 2 PE Waivers 1/2 Credit or 2 PE Waivers
Health 1/2 Credit 1/2 Credit
Debate 1/2 Credit 1/2 Credit
Computer Apps OR Typing Proficiency / Computer Concepts 1/2 Credit or 0 Credit 1/2 Credit or 0 Credit
Electives Variable Variable
Total Minimum Required 24 Credits 24 Credits
GPA 3.50
ACT/SAT 27 ACT or 1210 SAT

NOTE: For a complete detailed description of all binding requirements, please see the Student Handbook or contact the Guidance Office. Details listed here are not binding and are for reference only.