Back to Top Welcoming 6th Grade to CVCA - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
At CVCA, we place a premium value on the Middle School years and view them as a trajectory for High School. We are excited to join with students at this critical point and engage, encourage, and point them to Christ on their journey. A trend toward true Middle Schools, which include 6th through 8th grades, has been increasing in our area. Currently, 13 of our 20 local public schools end elementary school at 5th grade. As a result, the Middle School decision for most families considering Christian education at CVCA occurs during 5th grade. To accommodate the needs of these families, we are excited to announce a comprehensive 6th-8th program at CVCA starting in the fall of 2018. In conjunction with starting 6th grade, we will begin a graduated tuition scale that will provide a lower overall cost for a student’s time at CVCA and a significantly lower entry cost for families of Middle School students without compromising our program excellence.


Unique CVCA Middle School Experience
CVCA has an intentional approach to the needs of Middle School students, and provides a safe environment where they can thrive academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.


Dedicated Middle School Faculty
Our highly qualified dynamic Middle School faculty focuses exclusively on the education of 6th through 8th graders and is deeply committed to their growth and development. These experienced, caring instructors are not only educational experts in their field, but relationally focused and biblically minded.


Dedicated Middle School Philosophy
CVCA’s Middle School is developmentally appropriate and educationally innovative in preparing students for the rigors of a college-prep High School. It is a Christ-permeated program that fosters curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and compassion – what we refer to as our Middle School C7 Experience. Because our faculty understands the unique developmental needs of middle schoolers, incoming students experience an intentional assimilation and transition to CVCA. Deliberate care is given to new students so they feel at home as quickly as possible.


Dedicated Middle School Space
Middle School students will have their own dedicated space within the larger CVCA building allowing them to thrive in a smaller context while harnessing the school’s robust programming. CVCA has committed over half a million dollars to creating state of the art science labs and refurbished classroom space devoted to the new Middle School.


As we create and establish the Middle School program, we are committed to the core values of CVCA – a Christ-centered education that values the whole student, amidst a community of staff and faculty that trains and mentors students towards authentic faith in Christ. At CVCA, we believe our relationships with students are critical as we seek to disciple and mentor them in Christ. The adolescent years are like a tightrope between childhood and adulthood. What middle and high school students need is a safety net of caring adults who love them and want to see them grow in Christ. CVCA provides an exceptional education and an outstanding staff that invests in the students every day. CVCA is committed to Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ so that students are prepared to make an impact for God’s glory as they transition to adulthood.