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Video 18 | Jackie (Conway) Wachter ’01


THE EBENEZER PROJECT: Stories of God’s Faithfulness

As Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy celebrates its 50th year, we are excited to present a new video series called “The Ebenezer Project.” This series celebrates God’s faithfulness to CVCA through stories told by our alumni.

“Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen and called its name Ebenezer (which means “the stone of help”), for he said, “Till now the LORD has helped us!” 1 Samuel 7:12

Video 1 | The Ebenezer Project Introduction: Jason Spodnik ’84

Video 2 | “CVCA grew my love for God’s Word…” – Val O’Brien ’05

Video 3 | “The love, time, and support that CVCA pours into each student – you don’t get that anywhere else.”  – Mitch Gilley ’17

Video 4 | “CVCA gave me the biggest part of my faith foundation.”  – Alison Knowlton ’98

Video 5 | “CVCA helped me be an independent thinker.”  – Mark Wilcox ’92

Video 6 | “God is the foundation of everything we learned at CVCA.”  – Jaya Wilson ’17

Video 7 | “[CVCA] is like a family.”  – Tim Habeck ’75

Video 8 | “The teachers really made a hugh impact on me.”  – Amy Mucha ’05

Video 9 | “CVCA prepared me well for a variety of life experiences.”  – Ryan Gates ’97

Video 10 | “My teachers’ desire was that I would grow in Jesus Christ.”  – Nate and Anna Lyons ’14

Video 11 | “CVCA gave me a foundation for my faith.”  – Amanda (Najjar) May ’12

Video 12 | “CVCA is a very tight-knit community both while you’re and after you graduate.”  – Brian Moore ’98

Video 13 | “We can’t thank CVCA enough for the values they have instilled in our homes.”  – Karen (Heasley) Coffey ’78 and Susan (Heasley) Tomich

Video 14 | “CVCA values us as someone that God created, not just as a student.”  – Jon ’08 and Rachel (Coyne) ’10 Mathoslah

Video 15 | “My CVCA mentor helped shape my Christian worldview that still endures today.”  – Jason Kolb ’92

Video 16 | “CVCA taught us to worship God with both our hearts and minds.”  – Joy Schaeffer ’14

Video 17 | “Leadership and solving problems – I started learning about those at CVCA.”  – Vince Mancari ’09

Video 18 | “CVCA is a community that is loving and accepting.”  – Jackie (Conway) Wachter ’01