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Purposeful Community

Connections are groups of about ten students each (gender and grade specific) led by CVCA staff members, who meet once a week in a safe and supportive environment to discuss age-appropriate issues. Through Connections, our students gain a mentor and a friend among their teachers as well as a tight-knit group of peers who encourage and listen.


Spiritual & Relational Growth

Connections is designed to create a place of community and openness where students can grow and build relationships with their peers, teachers, and mentors.

Biblical Mentorship

Connections is meant to provide each student at CVCA with the opportunity for increased spiritual formation and a mentoring relationship.


Compassionate Advocates

Connections is meant to provide every student with a teacher that can serve as an advocate and adviser throughout his/her time at CVCA.

Authentic Faith

Connections is designed to be a place where we “break the silence” regarding issues of life and spiritual formation while encouraging discussion with parents, friends, and mentors.


What I love about my Connections experience is that I can talk about most things I’m going through and my group is very caring and understanding. It turns out that most of them are also going through the same types of things in their lives.
CVCA Student