Spiritual Life

Equipping Students to Impact the World

Daily Bible Classes, weekly chapel services, annual missions trips, continual service opportunities, and Christian clubs help the faculty and staff connect with students to impact others through the Gospel and for the Kingdom of God. The ministry of equipping is done in the context of relationships. The Student Ministries Department helps organize people and programs at CVCA to this end. Our Student Ministries staff also provides a ministry of availability to meet with students through the journey of life.

Financial Assistance
Student/Teacher Ratio
Awarded College Scholarships

Ears To Hear: the Parables from Matthew

Even though we attend different churches and live in different cites, at CVCA the banner we rally under is Jesus Christ. Each year we choose a book of the Bible to study during our weekly chapels. This year we are studying the book of Matthew, specifically the parables found in Matthew.
“Whoever has ears, let them hear.” -Matthew 13:9


Moody Founders Week

Please come join other CVCA students and adults for Moody Founder’s week from Feb 7-10, 2018. Our tour bus will leave school on Wednesday morning, Feb. 7 and return Saturday evening, Feb. 10. Cost will be approximately $350 for students and $450 for adults. Cost includes tour bus, hotel, several meals and some events.