Back to Top School Closures - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

School closures (for any emergency reason) will be communicated in the following ways:

Robocall: Parents will receive an automated voice message, email, and text.
CVCA Website:
CVCA Main Phone Message: 330-929-0575
Media: Most local Akron-Cleveland TV and radio stations

• There may be circumstances where we choose to keep school open, but you may determine it is not safe for your child to be on the road coming to school. We respect your right to make that decision. If that circumstance does occur, we request that you call as early as possible to advise us that your son or daughter will be absent due to your concern with the weather and/or driving conditions. Your child will receive an excused absence.

• If your child rides a school bus from your local public school district and that district announces that their schools will be closed, your child will receive an excused absence if you are unable to arrange transportation, or if you make the decision noted in the above.

• More detailed information is available in the Student/Parent Handbook.

• While there are numerous issues that must be considered in the decision to cancel or delay school, we will do our best to communicate to families as early as possible. It is always our desire to have classes, yet we want to maintain safety for our students.

• There are unique situations that may require a delayed start of one hour or two hours, rather than cancel school for the day. It is possible that we may delay school for one hour, then move to a two-hour delay. Or, CVCA may begin with a two-hour delay then need to cancel for the day depending on the weather patterns, busing, and transportation.