Back to Top The Royal Weekly – March 28, 2020 - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

CVCA ONLINE Begins Monday, March 30 at 8:30 a.m.

We are looking forward to beginning our online learning classes Monday at 8:30 a.m. Instructions on how to be prepared for the new digital format are available HERE. Please be sure you read through these materials prior to the start of classes. This is new for everyone and we want you to be prepared for what is ahead. Please continue to watch your email and the CVCA ONLINE Page for new information during this time of transition.

Know that we are approaching CVCA ONLINE with the utmost seriousness and strongly believe this will be an effective tool for continuing our solid college-prep education. Our teachers have been hard at work preparing for this new format and are looking forward to being “back in the classroom” with their students again.

Attendance During Online Learning

Yes, we will be tracking attendance during our time of online learning. One digital interaction is expected (minimally 4 days per week) for all students in each class. If students do not attend an online class meeting or complete their homework/assessment for a given day, they will be considered absent. If your student is going to be absent during this time of online learning, we ask that you call the school office and leave a message at 330-929-0575, ext. 218.

Charging Your Chromebook is Important

Remember to charge your Chromebook daily AND turn it off by clicking “Shut Down” before you close it. This will ensure it is ready and will work properly when classes resume on Monday. It is important not to leave it in stand by mode as this can cause battery failure. For more information, email the CVCA Tech Office HERE>>.

Using Canvas During Online Learning

As we start CVCA ONLINE, it is now more necessary than ever for all CVCA parents and students to be connected to the Canvas Learning Management System. Information about Canvas is available HERE>>.

Mterm Reimbursement Update

We continue to work with all of our travel vendors to secure reimbursement for Mterm. We are making progress, but as you can imagine, the progress has slowed greatly over the past week as many of our companies have been inundated with calls while also making the transition to working at home – making the communication process more cumbersome and disjointed. We will continue to work through these communications and will give you updates as soon as we come to conclusions with all of our travel vendors.

Financial Aid Applications Accepted Now

If your family is interested in applying for tuition assistance for the 2020-2021 school year, please complete your application soon. Although there is no longer a March 31 deadline, it can be advantageous to apply early. The Tuition Assistance Application is available HERE>>.

Video Messages from CVCA

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