Living Out the Gospel in Pittsburgh


In June, 36 students from the sophomore class traveled to Pennsylvania to partner with The Pittsburgh Project. The organization works with homeowners who are unable physically and financially to manage larger home repairs. Students were able to learn new skills; share their efforts, abilities and time; and come away with changed hearts. One of the goals of the Project is to draw the distinction between proclaiming yourself a Christian and actually living out the gospel and serving as a Christian. Walls came down literally and figuratively on this trip as this class worked together.
My favorite part of the experience was watching students work and learn new things. On top of learning how to build a porch or clean gutters, they got to see what they are capable of. It kind of takes away the excuses at home when their parents ask them to help out. They now know what they can really do.
Caleb Lichty '15
Group Leader
One evening of the trip was a dedicated homeowners night when the homeowners were invited to an evening of fellowship and worship. This was a favorite night for all as work turned to worship alongside the families and communities the students served. Those who were being served had the opportunity to turn their thanksgiving into an act of worship. To say that students had a chance to grow on this trip is an understatement. Aaron Poth shared, “I found God on this trip at a time when I didn’t want to know God. I have never felt such grace and relief from my struggles as when I gave my life to Christ and considered myself an instrument of His will.” We are so thankful God used these CVCA students in this unique way!
I found God on this trip when I didn’t want to know God.
Aaron Poth '20