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You are Important to Us!

A special welcome to our grandparents! We wish we could shake your hand, serve you breakfast, and show you around in person with your wonderful grandchildren, but we are committed first to the safety of our grandparent guests. So although we cannot be together in person, we couldn’t let this day go by without sharing our appreciation and offering you a small glimpse into what God is doing here at CVCA! CVCA’s teachers and coaches pledge themselves to loving, discipling, encouraging, and cultivating the young men and women entrusted to our care. Because you do the same for your grandkids, you are cherished partners in our mission to Educate and Cultivate Servants for Christ.

Now, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy the special content below, and please sign the guestbook to let us know you were here – especially if you are interested in winning one of several PRIZES awarded today! Until we can welcome you in person again… 

“My grandparents are special because they are kind and they help me. They play games with me, take me out to eat and on hikes. They show me that they love me and care for me.” – Caroline Bossler, 7th Grade

Exciting Things are Happening at Your Grandchild’s School

Although we cannot show you around the school in person today, we hope you will enjoy taking a look at some of the things happening at CVCA. To watch a video, simply click on the arrow. To read a description of each video, click on the + symbol.

Welcome, CVCA Grandparents!

Jennifer Meybaum, Grandparents Club Coordinator, welcomes our grandparents. We are excited for you to get a glimpse of your grandchild’s day-to-day life here at CVCA. We are so glad you joined us today for our Virtual Grandparents Day!

We Love Our Grandparents!

We asked our students what they love most about their grandparents. Thank you for being such a special part of their lives!

Our Teachers at CVCA

CVCA teachers love to teach students! Our teachers come alongside your grandchild(ren) to encourage, train, and mentor while pointing them towards Christ. Take a closer look at the heart of our teachers at CVCA.

The House System at CVCA

The new House system at CVCA is designed to help high school students find a place of belonging, offer mentoring, leadership opportunities, and create school spirit! Learn about the four different Houses at CVCA.

House Competition

Our seniors helped introduce the House system to the rest of our high school students while they compete for the Royal Cup!

CVCA's Student Led Business

Our School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SOBE) has three start-up businesses, Shya Coffee being the newest launch. SOBE businesses are led by senior students that gain real world experience in running their own business. Learn more about Shya Coffee!

Have you enjoyed these videos? If so, there are more on our YouTube Channel! Click below to see more.


“My grandparents are always helpful when I need them. Even though they live far away, they help me with school or whatever. I really enjoy sending letters to them.” – Jude Armstrong, 8th Grade

CVCA Grandparents Club

We appreciate grandparents as cheerleaders and champions of their grandchildren’s Christian education and faith journey, and invite all our grandparents to become members of the CVCA Grandparents Club. Grandparents Club strengthens your grandchild’s CVCA experience through academics, athletics, unique learning opportunities, and more. We are excited to provide special gifts to members, including magnets, photo calendars, tote bags, and tickets to the Royal Theatre’s Spring Musical, Fiddler on the Roof.

Details are available in the Grandparents Club brochure at right. (Simply click on the brochure at right to view and print it.) To become a member of Grandparents Club, click on the button below or print the brochure and mail the form to CVCA. Questions? Contact Jennifer Meybaum at 330-929-0575, ext. 207 or email [email protected].

“My grandma has done a lot for me. I’m thankful to her for how she raised my dad, who is an amazing father figure. She supports me in my decisions. Even though she is very far away, she impacts my life and helps my brother with his disabilities. She has been a real blessing!” – Caleb Parambil, 11th Grade

Additional Ways to Get Involved at CVCA

PLANNED GIVING is an easy way to give a lasting gift to CVCA. Gifts such as bequests and beneficiary designations on life insurance policies and retirement plans have long-term, future benefits for Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy. Donors making such commitments become members of the Royal Legacy Society.

MOMS IN PRAYER is for mothers and grandmothers of current CVCA students. The group prays for each student and staff member by name, and consistently covers CVCA in prayer. Even if you are unable to attend the prayer meeting times in person, your commitment to pray through a weekly prayer email would be greatly appreciated.

MIRACLE OF GRACE is the fifty-year history of Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy. It is a story of God’s enduring faithfulness to His school and an accounting of the many blessings He has poured out on CVCA’s families, faculty, and staff over the years. The book includes photos, stories, and memories from CVCA’s founders and many others who have been part of the CVCA family over the past 50 years.

If you would like to receive more information on how you can get involved at CVCA, or if you would like to receive a copy of the Miracle of Grace book, please click the button below.

“Grandparents are great for making special memories. Everyday after school I walk to their house and we watch the Golden Girls TV show. We laugh so much and enjoy it together. I love it.” – Jayna Cooley, 9th Grade

What would a day at school be without a quiz?!

How well do you know CVCA? This fun little game will help you get to know your grandchild’s school a little better. Take a few minutes to take the Grandparents Day Quiz and you could win a prize! Simply click below to start. (A new window will open on your screen when you click the button. Simply close it to return to the main Grandparents Day page.) Have fun!

“My grandparents are great because they really care for me, they want the best for me and they want me to be successful. So, I try to honor them in all I do.” – Malcolm Brown, 10th Grade
Thank you for joining us for this special Virtual Grandparents Day. We hope you have enjoyed being part of the activities happening at CVCA right now. If you would like to learn more about our programs, academics, sports, fine arts, and more, please explore our website. Or, take a look at the ”Ask your grandchild…” section below and hear about CVCA firsthand!


Enjoy a recent Gospel Choir performance from Chapel.