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As Rachel (the hip new alum coordinator that often makes me feel old) and I met last month, we were inspired by each other’s alum stories that span decades…from the 80s to the middle of the 2010s.

The more we shared, the more I realized the we are in this together…and by we, I mean WE…all of us alums whose life trajectory was changed by our time at CVCA. The shared experiences that bind a community together allows our community to transcend any time or generational limitations of when we actually went to school at CVCA (70s,80s,90s,00s,10s). We can all nod our heads together when I say “Here’s what I saw happen at the “Senior T” today”…or “Spirit week assembly got a little out of control!”…or “I saw a teacher comforting a hurting student in the hallway today”. You can picture it?  We experienced it. We felt it. Together.

So two times a month, I want to reconnect with you as I get to be a part of the CVCA 2.0. I want to share what I see with you because we understand what it means to walk these halls and have God use this place and people to challenge us and love us. The heartbeat of CVCA is foundational and will not change. We will keep pushing, growing, raising the bar because if we aren’t growing and improving, then I think we are dying and missing our highest calling: Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ. So while we might change our delivery or our physical appearance, our heartbeat remains the same as when you walked the halls as a student.

But we are part of the foundation. We are part of the past and the future. Since we are part of the CVCA Community and have a shared experience of being students here, it will be a great joy for me to give you a glimpse behind the veil twice and month. My part is to give you that transparent glimpse as a fellow alum and Your part is to pray for our present and future.


Let’s talk soon,

Jason ’88