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Chapel Banner – Ears To Hear: Parables from Matthew


Even though we attend different churches and live in different cities, at CVCA the banner we rally under is Jesus Christ. Each year we choose a book of the Bible to study during our weekly chapels. This year we are studying the book of Matthew, specifically the parables found in Matthew. Parables are stories, but they are stories with intent. Even from an early age we love stories; they have great power to draw us in and are often about something that we can relate to. Some are straightforward while others are a bit cryptic and keep us coming back for deeper understanding. Parables often “show” instead of simply “tell”

This year’s banner is “Ears to Hear.” It comes from Matthew 13:9 in which Jesus says, “Whoever has ears, let them hear.” This phrase is repeated multiple times in Matthew’s gospel and it is Jesus’ expression to listen and then respond appropriately. Why is Jesus so concerned with what I hear? The Bible is so strong about what we see with our eyes and what we listen to with our ears because those are avenues to our heart. God is concerned with what we see and what we hear because it affects who we are. If we are followers of Christ then we need to know what our Lord taught and respond appropriately. Jesus, the master storyteller, invites people to come and learn from Him through the medium of story. We are excited to learn more about our Savior and ourselves as we study His parable teachings in the Book of Matthew this year in chapel.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear.” – Matthew 13:9