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Celebrating Unity

By: Jason Spodnik

When February hits, it reminds me every year of where we’ve come…and how much farther we have to go. Sure, I think some of it’s brought on by the greyness of Northeast Ohio (NEO) where school year feels caught in between the brilliant beginning and the “recharge” of energy that comes with the spring activities…but it’s more than a weather-thing or a school-thing. It’s a life-thing.


When February comes around I get to consistently see more discussion on unity and diversity. I get to see where we are and how far we have to go. We celebrate victories as we see God’s unifying Hand draw us together…and we drop our heads when we see people get torn apart by generalizations and stereotypes birthed by ignorance and selfishness. I love to see our student body come together at events…or just in the day to day…and get a glimpse of His unifying power. Through the blood of Christ, we are unified as brothers and sisters of Christ under the banner of his love.


At CVCA, we have male and female, young and old, black and white, rich and poor. We come from 120+ different churches in NEO and we also come from Brazil, Cambodia, Norway, South Korea, China, and many other countries to create the Community of CVCA.


I see mistakes and sin, but I see a community that celebrates the difference…like you do with your loving brother and sister. I see a community that helps each other, that listens to each other, that mourns together, laughs together and prays together.


February is a reminder to me of our opportunity at CVCA: Our opportunity to show our world what Biblical Unity looks like. Though we are different, we are the same and we are together. We are diverse in many ways, and yet are an example of unity that glorifies Christ in how we do life together.


We are far from perfect, but we are together and unified so that Christ can be glorified.