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Continuous Enrollment

A Move to Continuous Enrollment

In January of 2019 CVCA will transition from an annual re-enrollment policy to Continuous Enrollment. This means that once a student is enrolled, it is assumed that student will continue attending CVCA until graduation unless a change is communicated. Re-enrollment will be “automatic” for all returning students.

We are sure you will enjoy the benefits that come with Continuous Enrollment. If your student is returning, no action will be needed after you electronically sign the Continuous Enrollment Agreement this year. In addition, you will no longer need to pay the $350 per student re-enrollment fee in one lump sum; the fee will be combined with your tuition and spread over your payment plan.

To implement this change, parents MUST submit the electronic Continuous Enrollment Agreement BEFORE March 31. This form will be sent via email in late January.

Please see the FAQ’s below for further details.

Continuous Enrollment FAQ

What action must I take?

January-March 2019 will serve as the transition period from “Annual Re-enrollment” to “Continuous Enrollment.” In January, parents will receive an email from us including an electronic form which MUST be submitted BEFORE March 31. This form will prompt parents to state their enrollment intentions for each of their children who are currently enrolled at CVCA.

If your student is returning, you will electronically give approval to the Continuous Enrollment Agreement. This will be the last time any action is needed to keep your child enrolled at CVCA!

If your student will NOT be returning next year, you will be prompted to indicate your intent to withdraw when progressing through the form.

How will re-enrollment happen after this year?

If your student will be returning to CVCA, you do absolutely nothing! Your student will be automatically re-enrolled each year during the first week of April.

You will receive a Payment Plan Confirmation from FACTS to confirm that the re-enrollment process has automatically occurred.

What about the re-enrollment fee?

In the past, the $350 fee was required to be paid at the time of re-enrollment. With Continuous Enrollment, the fee will be rolled in to your tuition payment plan.

What if circumstances require me to withdraw my student after they are continuously enrolled?

Inform CVCA of your intention to withdraw before March 31 and your student will NOT be re-enrolled for the following school year. The Intent to Withdraw form will be available online for that purpose.

If the form is submitted after April 15, a Late Withdrawal Fee of $500 per student will be assessed.

If a student withdraws after June 30, the family will be required to make the greater of July’s tuition payment or $500.

If the late withdrawal is for circumstances beyond your control or requested by CVCA Administration, the Finance Committee may agree to waive this fee.

What if my student receives a scholarship or financial aid?

FACTS contracts will be adjusted to reflect these awards prior to the first scheduled tuition payment in July.

How does Continuous Enrollment affect my student’s EdChoice Scholarship Renewal?

You will still need to renew your student’s EdChoice Scholarship each year, as state law requires. Each January, the Ohio Department of Education will mail you an EdChoice Scholarship Renewal Form. You will need to complete and return that form to CVCA with a copy of a current utility bill to renew your student’s scholarship by April of each year.

I have some unanswered questions about continuous enrollment, who should I contact?

For general questions, please contact Margie O’Brien at [email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 280.

For questions regarding FACTS/Tuition, please contact Abby Fishel at [email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 233.

If you have questions regarding enrollment, please contact Mindy Fullerton at [email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 216.

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