Back to Top A Mountaintop Experience in the DR - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

This article was written by CVCA student Mikayla Moreen ’18

Since I was in elementary school, I longed to go on the CVCA trip to the Dominican Republic. I remember looking up (both physically and metaphorically) to all of the brave high schoolers who chose to spend a week of their summers in the DR. When my turn finally came, the Lord truly opened my eyes to a plethora of things I didn’t expect. For anyone seeking to serve Christ with CVCA in the DR, or anywhere else for that matter, let me be the first to tell you that missions work is no walk in the park. Working in the DR is hard, but, oh, is it worth it! All of the difficulties that go along with the trip completely disappear when you’re holding a precious child in your arms as he sleeps or choking back tears as you watch twenty-three of your classmates share their God-written testimonies.The DR trip is definitely a spiritual high. As Mr. Schofield said, “God is the God of the mountains and valleys.” On a mountaintop experience like the DR, you will see Christ move in so many beautiful ways. But when you come home to valleys and less than perfect situations, the exciting news is that you still serve the same God!
How was the trip? Unreal! God is so amazing! He made His love and His presence so real to me, and I barely even believed in Him before I left. The trip made me alive in Christ! I gave my life to Christ during the trip (June 12, 2017) during the morning service, and it was the most amazing experience. Wow, I just love thinking about it! It was so amazing being shown God’s love through this trip and then being able to show it to others.
Abby Dearden '18