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OASIS trains and mentors while helping students develop the skills and confidence necessary to achieve at CVCA and beyond.

CVCA’s Office of Academic Success and Instructional Services (OASIS) works with students to achieve their personal best. Our services for the general student population include:

• Organization skills
• Discovering learning styles
• Test review
• Tutoring in various subjects
• Time management
• Improving study skill techniques
• Collaboration between staff and families
• Coordinating and conducting extended time on tests for pre-approved students.
• Standardized test preparation

OASIS is available to all CVCA students in all grades. Students are assigned to OASIS by the Guidance Office based on academic performance, previous school records, entrance testing, and teacher recommendations. Also, if a student or parent believes OASIS services would be beneficial, they are encouraged to contact Emily Knapp in the OASIS office at [email protected] or call 330-929-0575, ext 653.

The OASIS Team:

Emily Knapp, Director of OASIS and Middle School Counselor
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 653

Middle School OASIS

Susan Abramson, OASIS Teacher and Middle School H.O.P.E. Coordinator
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 177

Steve Hyatt, OASIS Teacher and Chinese Teacher
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 138

Janet Weaver, OASIS Teacher
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 177

High School OASIS

Sue Ellen Gabler, OASIS Teacher
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 652

Matt Riordan, OASIS Teacher
[email protected] or 330-929-0575, ext. 805

Sharon Runyon, OASIS Teacher and H-O-P-E Coordinator
[email protected]

Middle School

Our aim is to equip CVCA middle school students with the tools necessary to achieve success in our rigorous college-preparatory high school courses. Students who demonstrate a need for additional help in transitioning into a middle school environment may be assigned to OASIS during their study hall period. Those students will receive guidance and skills to improve study habits, organization, test-taking skills, and other areas necessary for success in CVCA’s college-prep environment.

High School

CVCA’s academic teachers collaborate with OASIS counselors to make sure our students are given the tools needed to achieve to their highest potential and reach their goals for high school and beyond.

Our services are for any learners hoping to achieve their potential in CVCA’s rigorous college-preparatory courses, as well as for students who demonstrate a need for additional support. Students assigned to OASIS for academic reasons receive an individualized plan. We tailor these plans to individual student needs and work to develop proficiency individually or in a small group guided by an OASIS teacher.

Academic Plans

Upon request, parents may work with the OASIS Director on transitioning an IEP or 504 Plan to the services CVCA can provide using an Academic Plan. Proper documentation must be shared at the time of applying for admission to CVCA. If you suspect your child has a learning issue or if your child experiences an extended illness or concussion that needs addressed academically, please contact Emily Knapp at 330-929-0575, ext. 653.


Homework Help
Organizational Skills
Personal Attention

Students who would like to have homework help or a quiet place to study may drop in to one of our Resource Rooms after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:50 – 3:45 p.m. High school students meet in Room 121 and middle school in Room 278. We try to make these after-school centers places for quiet study and assistance. We especially encourage all students that stay for practices, games, or club activities to utilize this time while waiting for their activity to begin.

For more information about H-O-P-E services, please contact:
• High School: Sharon Runyon at [email protected].
• Middle School: Susan Abramson at [email protected].